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After a succesful launch in Geneva, Knock On Wood Zurich welcomes everybody who'd like to re-connect with manual fabrications, the use of tools, learn woodworking in a project-based manner in a safe environment with professional assistance. It's also for those who don't have tools and machines to realise their projects or cannot make noise in their homes. We welcome kids too as for them Craft Education, hand-brain-eye coordination is a crutial element of their cognitive development. It's equally a wonderful way to connect academic knowledge to practical skills. All in all, do come and hammer with us!

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Two-part skills based Introduction to Woodworking

Needs a location

We use modern methodologies to show you a range of skills in a project-based activity where you will be guided through from planning to finishing your first project. We offer two-three projects to go through. In the end, you will go home with a finished product and you will gain confidence in handling tools and machines.

You will:

  • do some measurements
  • use a jigsaw
  • drill and screw
  • glue
  • maybe use a router
  • use a sanding machine
  • use a lamelo machine
  • under supervision using a band saw and a miter saw

All of these allow you to get started with woodworking, reconnect with your manual skills and spend some of your free time differently.

Price: 180 CHF for 2 evenings

For registrations and payment go to: https://www.kowcraftfactory.com/service-page/two-part-skills-based-woodworking-course?referral=service_list_widget

It's truly satisfying. Just try it.

Discover Woodcrafting with Knock On Wood

Needs a location

This workshop is ideal for people that have never tried woodworking before.

You will learn and use for the first time many hand tools and machinery (Chop saw, Band saw, Drill press, Router).

Take home your 1st project after just one session. It's made of noble wood with carefully designed for beginners.

It's chill, thrill, empowering and the end result is astonishing. Nothing ever compares to the feeling of creating something yourself.

Price: 140 CHF

RSVP here, for registration and payment, go to:

Try it and you'll see.

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Discover Woodcrafting with Knock On Wood

Needs a location

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