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This meetup aims to bring together like-minded people who are interested in learning and applying knowledge of psychology (esp. behavioral psychology) to improve their lives. In contrast with most of the self-help material, which promotes mindless and unattainable positivity, our aim is to have scientific discussions on key ideas from psychology, and gain understanding and insights into deep-rooted thoughts and behavioral patterns.

Each meetup event focusses on one key idea, and is structured as follows:
(15-20 mins) Initial talk/video/book review
(50 mins) Discussion (sharing personal experiences optional)
(10 mins) Summary and key takeaways
(10 mins) Review and feedback, planning future events
Although some sections of the discussions can possibly include sensitive and serious discussions, the overall sense for each meetup will be *positive* and *solution-oriented*, with goals of self-improvement.

List of Topics
1. Healing from childhood issues - parental narcissistic abuse and resulting co-dependency, attachment trauma, childhood bullying, parental emotional neglect.
2. Addiction - root causes of addiction, key strategies, food addiction.
3. Anxiety/Depression - scientific studies, root causes, connections to childhood trauma.
4. Connecting psychological health with related topics - social media, financial health, the hidden role of luck, meditation and mindfulness.

This group is completely non-profit and the membership is free. For some events, there might a small fee to cover the costs  of the venue (will be communicated in advance).

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