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Meet local people interested in the Semantic Web, an initiative by the W3C [ http://www.w3c.org ] to make the web "one giant database": The Data Web. We address technologies such as RDF, RDFS, OWL and applications that help to develop or that use ontologies, controlled vocabularies and rules systems in the enterprise and on the World Wide Web. And we adress business relevant applications that are based on semantic web technologies

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SPARQL Query Optimization with Pavel Klinov

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In this session Pavel will describe the SPARQL evaluation semantics and some of the main algorithms used for processing SPARQL queries, such as joins. You will learn some common optimizations used by SPARQL query engines to make queries run faster. You will also learn how to detect and avoid the pitfalls which make queries less amenable to optimizations. Finally Pavel will demonstrate some general and Stardog-specific techniques for performance debugging of SPARQL queries as well as the techniques to coerce the query engine to execute the query in a particular way. https://www.stardog.com/labs Bio Pavel Klinov is a software engineer leading the Query Engine team at Stardog. In that role he is primarily responsible for the evolution of Stardog’s SPARQL query execution engine, particularly, the development of novel query optimization techniques and evaluation algorithms. Some of them extend beyond pure SPARQL, for example, path queries introduced in 2018 or, more recently, SPARQL*. Pavel has been with Stardog since 2011 (including a period of parallel employment at the University of Ulm between 2012 and 2015). Prior to that he obtained his PhD in the area of probabilistic logics at the University of Manchester and worked as a software developer at CERN during the early days of the LHC project. https://www.stardog.com/authors/pavel-klinov/ Details: http://www.lotico.com/index.php/SPARQL_Query_Optimization_with_Pavel_Klinov

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JSON for Linking Data: JSON-LD 1.1

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