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The door closes behind you, you are locked in. The time is ticking, you have 6o minutes left...your goal is simple: get out in time! You need to find hidden clues, solve mysteries and riddles to get out.
Live escape game is designed for groups. It requires no special skills or knowledge to solve. It is about logic, fun and team spirit. Are you game?

The rules are simple: you are locked inside the game area for 60 minutes and all you need is to get out in time! In order to do so you will have to find the right clues, think outside the box, solve riddles, figure out lock combinations and work well as a team!

The game is designed so that any team with a bit of creativity, good ideas and logic can escape. It requires no special skills or knowledge, and you will not have to fight the bad guys either. The combination of limited time, confined space and need to think outside the box will create a unique atmosphere around you. The experience will fully engage you, which you will not forget...


My wife and I will be in Zurich this month for two days and we would really like to take part in the Live Escape Games. Have read so much about it that we dont want to miss this on our trip.:)

We are interested in taking the Basic Package for Tik-Tak on 22nd December at 18.30 and were hoping if we could find two or three more people to join us as a Team. It would be more exciting this way and obviously the cost would be shared too.

Game starts: 18:30

Student discount for players with valid student ID: 15%.

Let us know if anyone would be interested to join us and have some fun.