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One of the most impressive and downright crazy thing I've seen in Switzerland. You have to see it at least once in your life.

Links here to get an idea.

We will meet under the blue angel at 16:45 and then take the 17:08 direct train from Zurich HB to Liestal. The return time is open. Please buy your train tickets in advance. As we are a large group we will walk to the front of the train and sit there. If you are late walk down the train until you find us.

We arrive at 18:00 in Liestal which gives us some time to 'enjoy' the Guggenmusik, look at the stalls and have something to eat/drink for those of you who want to. Most importantly it gives us time to find a good viewing spot before the parade starts at 19:15.

While it's not dangerous there is a lot of fire and some airborne burning embers so please use common sense.

In particular:

Stay well back from the burning wagons and brooms. Follow the instructions of the marshals and fire brigade. There is a heat wave from the wagons so if you are at the front it's a good idea to duck down to avoid the heat and turn your face away.

I'd recommend you wear a wooly hat and not your Sunday best clothes as there are burning embers. I will be wearing a leather jacket, jeans and solid shoes. Of course you are free to stand at the back if you are concerned.

Once the parade has started don't cross the street.

Further safety advice here

By participating you accept the organiser is not responsible for you and you will independently assess the risk level and take reponsibilty for your own safety.