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Hey Everyone,

The weather is once again looking less than great for our outdoor activity plans, so we're going to have another reading group.

We will get together at 15:00 in front of the Central Library, and read there 'till 17:00, when the library closes. Then we will move to Starbucks Stauffacher, which will be open 'till 21:00. Each person will read whatever they like. At the library you have the option of bringing your own book or borrowing something from the library. At the library we will obviously be reading in silence. Afterwards [Starbucks et al] we will naturally do a bit of discussing, but please mind, this is not a discussion group, the main point is to read together in a relaxing set-up.

Important note:

This event is created by / for people who actually enjoy it. If you find this pointless, boring, ridiculous or just not for you, please simply walk away and enjoy the group's other events. We are entirely happy if you choose to ignore us, however we do not take kindly to condescending or disrespectful comments.

Please make sure you have a full understanding of the purpose and the function of this event before joining. An RSVP [reserved spot] is required for attending this event, and the event organizers reserve the right to screen the RSVP list [as requested by the members].



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