Hey Everyone,

So we have been to several Christmas Markets all over Switzerland, but we have not yet truly explored what Zurich has to offer, and there seems to be quite a lot to see!

Please read the activity description below in detail, and if you have any questions you can contact me [Ahoo] (

Below is our plan for the evening. Please keep in mind that this is only a fuzzy outline, and there might be changes to this as we go.

- We will meet under the blue angel at 18:00, and start with visiting the HB Market

- Visit the market at Europaalee, then

- Walk to Central/Niederdorf and visit the market at Niederdorf

- Go to Rathaus to see the floating candles [Only on this date]

- Walk along Paradeplatz/Bahnhofstrasse

- Walk to Bürkliplatz

- Walk to Bellevue

From there we will likely walk back through Niederdorf as there might be more to see over there. If, by any chance, we end up having more time, we might also pay a visit to Sihlcity.

IMPORTANT: How this excursion works

Please understand, we are not tour leaders or experts. We are not offering you a service, and we are not responsible for absolutely anything. What we are, is simply a bunch of people who are interested in exploring, and would like to offer others with similar interest to join and have a nice time with us.

This is an exploration excursion. We will be walking around all evening, and there is no official end time. Anyone feeling tired at any point is absolutely welcome to quit.

As long as you are interested in continuing to walk with us, making sure that you still have the organizers in the view is your responsibility. If you'd like to make a short stop somewhere, please let us know and we will wait for you. [This very much does include picture stops.] If you'd like to make a long stop somewhere, feel free. We will move on but you you can rejoin the group later. If for any reason you would like to separate yourself from the group and re-join later, finding us again is your own responsibility. If you'd like to join the group at any point other than the official starting point, again finding the group is your own responsibility.

Please be on time. And since we are going to be walking a lot, wearing comfortable shoes and warm clothing is a great idea.

Please RSVP if you intend to join, and if later you decide to drop out please do change your RSVP.



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