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3.09: TDD: The Good Parts

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This month Adam Wathan will be speaking on 'TDD: The good parts'. We'll be meeting at the offices of Inbox Marketer in Guelph for the first time. A big thank you to them for offering to host the group.

We all know that testability is a quality that good code often seems to exhibit. But is testability the most important quality good code should have? Is testable code always "good" code, and is code that's hard to test in isolation always "bad" code?

This month I'd like to stir a discussion about what really makes code "good", and how those qualities can often be at odds with each other. Then we'll dig in to some useful testing strategies you can use to continue to test-first without focusing only on "can I test this in isolation?".

We'll talk about:

- Behaviour Driven Development

- Unit vs. Integration vs. Acceptance testing

- Tests you don't need to write

- When you should use mocks, but more importantly when you shouldn't use mocks