Hands-on training on new a11y test tool (ANDI)


Donna Anspach will demo a new accessibility testing tool developed for the Trusted Tester Version 5.0 process.

This tool, the Accessible Name and Description Inspector (ANDI), was designed to specifically facilitate code inspection-based testing.

To speed up this event -- Download the tool to your laptop via this link before the meeting:

After the demo you'll have the opportunity to try out the tool and see what it can do!

Donna will cover all these details and show how she has been using the tool for testing!

ANDI Features
code based testing
Favelet (not a download - works behind firewalls)
Works in multiple browsers (Even Safari!)
Easy to use - great for developers
Open Source - FREE
Accessible and Section 508 Conformant user interface

The primary function of the tool is to identify the accessible name and description specification. ANDI also provides a number of other functions and features, such as contrast, document structure, reading order, and other types of evaluation, all specifically designed to facilitate manual, code-based inspection of web pages.

In addition to combining and presenting (with minor exception) all of its features in a single, user-friendly favelet tool, ANDI provides all of its features and outputs in an entirely accessible and Section 508-conformant user interface. (Launching Trusted Tester Version 5.0: Evolution and Improvements in the Trusted Tester Approach to ICT Accessibility - The 2018 ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium: Mobile Testing, 508 ReCavision, and Beyond)