Accessibility Clinic


When you are ill and need medical advise, what do you do? You run to the clinic for diagnosis and advise on a solution.

This will be the digital accessibility version. Have a design or development accessibility problem that you can't figure out? Wonder if a site, feature or widget is accessible? Attend this accessibility clinic and get your diagnosis, along with advise on remediation. We'll talk through your challenges and propose some solutions.

Note: If you are bringing a problem to solve, you must submit information prior to the event via our online form: [ ]. Thanks.

Have nothing to diagnose, and just want to lurk? That's fine as well. If we need to fill time due to lack of presented issues to look at, we'll dive into a public site and look at how to check it for accessibility.

Note: this event will not be live streamed or captioned.

We hope to hold these clinics throughout the year, in addition to our regular meetup events.