Accessible video game controllers & APIs for Accessibility


DIYAbility is creating Capacita an accessible video game controller to allow people who cannot use a typical game controller to be gamers on PS3, PS4 and Xbox. Gamers create their own controller virtually on screen to fit the way they access their computer. Capacita is also built on the idea that all devices should have APIs - when a device has an API users won't be locked into a single interface built by the manufacturer. We will tell our story of developing Capacita and how we imagine assistive technology to interact with the physical world.

DIYAbility was started by John Schimmel and Holly Cohen, OT/ATP. John is a technologist, tinkerer and ITP/NYU adjunct professor . Holly is an occupational therapist and assistive technology practitioner and teaches Rehabilitation courses at NYU Steinhardt's Department of Occupational Therapy. For more information please visit (