• Content Strategy and Digital Accessibility: An Interactive Group Discussion

    A11ySea is co-hosting an online discussion about accessibility and content with our friends at the Content Strategy Seattle meetup! We'll be talking about how content affects people with disabilities, and best practices for inclusive writing and design. You'll hear from Jennifer Reilly (a UX writer at Google), Sierra Seeborn (an interaction designer at Google), and your co-organizer Devon Persing. This session will be held over Zoom. To join, visit the Content Strategy Seattle event page: https://www.meetup.com/Content-Strategy-Seattle/events/270751094/

  • Post-GAAD hangout and chat

    Online event

    In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we're having an informal hangout the day after to chat and share what we've learned. Grab a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) or snack of your choice, and join us on a call this Friday! For some ideas of sessions to attend for GAAD itself on Thursday, check out these fantastic events, some featuring a11ySea organizers: - How to build accessible sites in Gatsby livestream, hosted by Marcy Sutton: https://twitter.com/gatsbyjs/status/1262839218415550465 - A fireside chat on data visualization and accessibility, with Sarah Higley: https://excella.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_sB93rdG_T92jy4kjFk_GKQ - A conversation with artist Dani Donovan about disclosure, viral comics, and ADHD, hosted by Adobe: https://adobexd.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_iKxRJad2T12W-ZTRB37tRA Or a list of all GAAD events: https://globalaccessibilityawarenessday.org/events/ And if you want even more, here are some options for next week: - Content Strategy and Digital Accessibility, with Devon Persing: https://www.meetup.com/Content-Strategy-Seattle/events/270751094/ - Microsoft Ability Summit: https://aka.ms/AbilitySummit

  • COVID-19 Public Health Site Accessibility Jam Session

    Online event

    Join us on YouTube Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDsuIhaKxkw Join A11ySea for our first remote and online event, held in Zoom. This will be an experiment to find how we can work best together, and learn how to make an impact for everyone during the time of COVID-19. We’ll spend time reviewing local and national public health websites for accessibility to identify potential improvements for inclusively communicating with the public during this unprecedented time. We’ll also discuss recent changes to the A11ySea organization, which is now registered as an official nonprofit called the Accessibility Seattle Foundation. Join the organizers and community for an update and discussion on how to build public health websites for all citizens. We'll spend the first hour or so in meet and greet and nonprofit updates. We'll also talk about to provide feedback on the event. The second hour will be a kickoff for our testing jam. We'll going to test and provide feedback on public information sites about COVID-19, and discuss what's critical for accessibility for these types of sites. How to participate: To participate in the video chat, join the Zoom call. You'll be able to see the URL once you're registered. To participate in text chat, join the Web-A11y Slack in the #a11ySea channel for this community. (Please provide your email address in registration if you want to participate in Slack and aren't already a member.) Twitter is also welcome! Tweets can be tagged with @A11ySea. During the jam, you'll have the opportunity to log accessibility issues using GitHub, so make sure you have an account there if you'd like to write up issues. If you'd like to watch but not join Zoom, we will also be streaming the event on YouTube. We'll post that URL here when the event starts. Please feel free to participate in chat and the jam session while viewing the stream! Please note: we are not medical or legal professionals! The information provided from this event is for educational purposes only, and is not an accessibility audit or endorsement for legal compliance purposes. Accommodations This event will be live captioned through Zoom. Unfortunately, we won't be able to provide auto-captioning for the YouTube stream because of limitations with YouTube. Please let us know if you need other accommodations to attend.

  • The Web We Want & Holiday Social

    Zillow Group

    If you build websites, you inevitably run into problems. Maybe there’s no way to achieve an aspect of your design implementation using native HTML or ARIA. Or maybe there’s a device feature you really wish you could tap into using JavaScript. Or perhaps the in-browser DevTools don’t give you a key insight you need to do your job. We want to know your pain. Our expert panel of judges will review some of the submitted ideas, and you can submit your own as a member of the A11ySea community. Best of all, the top problems will win awesome prizes! We will also have some time to socialize and network as a last A11ySea event of the year; food and drink will be provided courtesy of Zillow. Panelists Mike Forzano is a Software Engineer on Amazon's Retail accessibility team and President of the Greater Seattle Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind. He enjoys reading, traveling, the outdoors, and playing the sax. Fernanda Bonnin is a Program Manager on the Accessibility Insights team at Microsoft. She believes that education and awareness is a key agent of change, and tools that help developers find, fix, and learn about accessibility issues can increase consciousness about accessibility. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and gardening. Fernanda will be sharing her personal opinions that do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of her employer. Marcy Sutton is the Head of Learning at Gatsby, a startup creating fast, accessible websites and apps while building a strong community. Previously, she was a Developer Advocate on the axe-core team at Deque Systems, developing tools for web accessibility testing. In 2016, O’Reilly gave Marcy a Web Platform Award for her work in accessibility. Submit your idea to The Web We Want here, or learn more about the initiative: https://webwewant.fyi/#submit Getting to the venue Zillow's office is located in the Russell Investments Building at[masked]nd Ave (https://goo.gl/maps/KuYBjX1QUJcbQop38). The elevators to be unlocked at 5:30pm (for event starting at 6pm) and there will be signage and some volunteers in the lobby to direct you up to the 30th floor. If you arrive late or can't find your way, we will be monitoring messages on Meetup to provide assistance. Public Transit Numerous transit lines serve Zillow, including King County Metro buses and the Link Light Rail (University Street Station). There are multiple bus stations within two blocks: https://www.google.com/maps/search/bus+stop/@47.6074855,-122.3426273,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!2m7!3m6!1sbus+stop!2sZillow+Group,+1301+2nd+Ave+Floor+31,+Seattle,+WA+98101!3s0x54906ab23510c9cf:0x65aa4cd6dc285f69!4m2!1d-122.3382419!2d47.6074856 The Metro Trip Planner can also help to determine the best route from your location: https://tripplanner.kingcounty.gov/#/app/tripplanning Parking There are pay lots nearby, as well as very limited on-street parking. There will be no parking validation for this event. Accommodations ASL or other accommodations are available by request. Please let us know as soon as possible to allow enough time for planning and scheduling.

  • Getting started with Accessibility Insights

    98point6 Inc.


    Come learn about Accessibility Insights directly from the team behind it! They'll give a presentation about the tool, features, how to use it, and future plans. Accessibility Insights (https://accessibilityinsights.io) is a set of tools that help you quickly find and fix accessibility issues in you Web and Windows applications and soon in your mobile applications. In the live demo you’ll see how Accessibility Insights can help developers find and fix accessibility issues early in the development process, before the end product reaches the customers. The tools are fully open source, come with a zero false positives promise and cover all criteria for complete WCAG 2.1 compliance. As a developer or user of the tools, Accessibility Insights welcomes contributions and feature requests from you that can help define the future of accessibility not just at Microsoft but the entire community. Speakers Fernanda Bonnin is a Program Manager in the Accessibility Insights team. She believes that education and awareness is a key agent of change, and tools that help developers find, fix, and learn about accessibility issues can increase consciousness about accessibility. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and gardening. Shobhit Agarwal is a developer in the Accessibility Insights team. He believes that it’s imperative that a web-developer believes in accessible websites and tries to include tools like accessibility insights/axe-core into his toolset, to avoid shipping inaccessible code. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Liverpool FC games and replays or play FIFA on his xbox. Adarsh Rema is a Program Manager with the Accessibility Insights team. He thinks of accessibility as a problem that can be solved by incremental improvements, buy working across boundaries of discipline, technology and organization. While he is not working, he likes to test Microsoft products for accessibility, read mystery/ literary fiction and write maudlin poetry. Getting to the venue 98point6 is located on the 23rd floor of Columbia Center, at 701 5th Ave (https://goo.gl/maps/CfNtHTtbVcAVycyL9). There are multiple entrances, including some along 4th Ave. We recommend that you come in through 5th Ave, as that will take you directly to the Lobby Level where you can find the elevator bank that will let you get to the 23rd floor. (If you arrive after 6:30, you'll need a 98point6 team member to help with the elevator.) Should you decide to use the entrances along 4th Ave, you will need to take the elevator or escalators up to the Lobby Level, then continue to the elevator bank that provides access to the 23rd floor. *Please note*: there is currently a broken escalator that may make this route more challenging. Public Transit Numerous transit lines serve 98point6, including the Link Light Rail (Pioneer Square Station). A full list of bus lines serving the area can be found on the transit wiki site for Seattle City Hall: https://www.transit.wiki/Seattle_City_Hall. 98point6 faces City Hall across Cherry St. Parking The 98point6 team are able to validate parking if you park in the Columbia Center parking garage (parking entrance is along Columbia Street and 5th Ave). Please be sure to provide the parking ticket to a 98point6 team member when you arrive for check in. Accommodations ASL or other accommodations are available by request. Please let us know as soon as possible to allow enough time for planning and scheduling.

  • A11ySea Summer Picnic

    Jefferson Park

    It's summertime! Join A11ySea for a day out at Jefferson Park. Bring yourself, family and friends, something to eat, and something to share if you're inclined. We'll be meeting at picnic shelter #3, but feel free to enjoy all of the features the park has to offer, like the trails, spray park, skate park, and the food forest. If you're able, bring a few bucks to help us cover the picnic space rental or other accommodations, but no fee is required. Venue: Jefferson Park 3801 Beacon Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98108 Accommodations: ASL or other accommodations are available by request. Please let us know as soon as possible to allow enough time for planning and scheduling. Restrooms are located south of the picnic shelter. Paths to the picnic shelter and around the majority of the park are paved. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns about accommodations. Directions: Jefferson Park is located in Beacon Hill, framed between 15th Avenue South on its west side, South Spokane Street on the north, and Beacon Avenue South on the east. We'll be meeting at picnic shelter #3, which is on the north side of the park just off of Spokane Street, between the amphitheater and the fire department. Parking: Parking is available on the east side off of Beacon Avenue S, as well as on the southwest side off of Dakota Street. Transit: The park is served by metro routes #36, #50, #60, and #107, and is about 1/2 mile from the Beacon Hill light rail station. Jefferson park website: https://www.seattle.gov/parks/find/parks/jefferson-park PDF map: http://www.seattle.gov/documents/Departments/ParksAndRecreation/Reserve/Picnic/jefferson.pdf

  • Roundtable/Discussion: Being an Effective A11y Advocate in Your Organization

    An open round-table discussion on how to be a more effective accessibility advocate in your organization. Whether you're the lone voice for accessibility in your organization, a member of an accessibility team, or the leader of that team, come to share your experience and learn new approaches and strategies. Bring your case studies, questions and experiences to the group. We'll have food and drinks. Accommodations: ASL or other accommodations are available by request. Please let us know as soon as possible to allow enough time for planning and scheduling. Agenda 6:00 Check-in & Food Wrangling 6:30 Discussion 7:30 Wrap Up & Networking 8:00 Adjourn Food & Drinks sponsored by Glympse The Venue: Glympse[masked]th Ave #300 Seattle, WA 98122 To access the building, please take the walkway off 11th Ave between Pettirosso and Marmite. At the end of the walkway, turn right and follow along the building until you see an entrance on the right that says "Chop House Row Entrance". Go through that door and continue forward until you see an elevator on your left. Take it to the third floor. Transit: Light Rail, First Hill Streetcar, Buses #2, #9, #11, #12, #43, #49, #60. Paid parking and limited parking available in the neighborhood. Accessibility considerations of the space itself: • restrooms are wheelchair accessible • there is a flight of stairs leading from the third floor to the mezzanine where we hold meetups. If you need the elevator to the mezzanine just ask any Glympse employee to accompany you -- it requires a key fob to get to that floor • the space is low scent, but not completely scent free as some bathroom products are scented and occasionally there are cooking smells from restaurants in the building

  • A11ySea Social/Discussion at Optimism Brewing

    Optimism Brewing Company

    We've heard that A11ySea members are looking for a less formal setting to share ideas and get inspired. Join us at Optimism Brewing on Capitol Hill to share your successes (and most interesting failures) from working to champion and improve experiences for every web and mobile user. This event is FREE Food & Drinks: Lots of beers & fizzy water on tap. Bring food or visit the food truck on site: https://www.seattlefoodtruck.com/food-trucks/macho-burgers Event location: Optimism Brewing (https://optimismbrewing.com/) 1158 Broadway (at E Union St) Venue is all-ages & dog-friendly. The space is physically accessible. Accommodations: ASL or other accommodations are available by request. Please let us know as soon as possible to allow enough time for planning and scheduling. Transit: Light Rail, First Hill Streetcar, Buses #2, #11, #9, #43, #49, #60 Parking options: https://optimismbrewing.com/parking

  • Accessibility Checklist for UX Designers

    Blink - UX Research & Design


    Arrival at Blink: There is street parking on Western and along Alaskan Way. It is free after 6. Walking in from a bus, use either Spring or Madison for the quickest way. But they are also steep streets. There are two sets of doors at the front of the building to the lobby. We will have a greeter to direct to the elevators. Four elevators, two on each side. Blink is the sixth floor. The check-in table will right at the elevators on 6. Snacks and beverages will be provided. The lobby is locked after 6 and a secure place to wait for a pickup. Meeting info: WiFi network = Welcome WiFI password = overtherainbow Restrooms = a single room near entrance Mens and Womens down the hall away from the entrance Twitter = a11ysea 6:00 - Check-in 6:15 - Announcements/Presentation 7:15 Q&A/Networking 7:30 Adjourn Accessibility checklist for UX Designers Many UX designers ask - Where to start with Accessibility? I've used good color contrast, is that enough for Accessibility? What's my responsibility as a designer to include Accessibility? Accessibility seems to be a daunting task for designers as there are 78 guidelines in WCAG 2.1. In this presentation, Rajesh shares his experience of including Accessibility standards in the design process to deliver inclusive experiences. Bio Rajesh Kalidindi has spent a decade in delivering inclusive experiences in his two decades of UX career. He led Accessibility programs at Microsoft before joining Liberty. Rajesh is currently leading an effort to make Liberty Insurance and Safeco digital experiences accessible for all users regardless of their abilities. Rajesh was a board member for three years with UXPA International (User Experience Professionals Association) and founding member of Seattle chapter of UXPA.

  • Accessibility Camp Seattle

    Seattle Central College

    Our May meeting will be in cooperation with the Accessibility Camp. All of the details and registration info is available on the Camp site. https://accessibilitycampseattle.org/ Please make sure you register on the Camp site. There is no registration through our meetup.com event page.