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International Society

International Society is a community for internationally minded people working or living in the area of Herning & Ikast-Brande Kommune in Denmark. We share our experiences on how to overcome cross-cultural barriers and help newcomers to integrate faster in our community.

The society organizes activities for international workers, students, their accompanying family members, international Danes, companies and everyone who is open to becoming a part of a social network.

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45 Countries represented

Argentina, Afghanistan, Australia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Cypress, Colombia, China, Denmark, England, Estonia, France, Greece, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, India, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Kenya, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Scotland, Taiwan, Turkey, The Czech Republic, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, USA, Ukraine.

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salsa introduction for free in Herning

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Friends Café Night

Friends Café night

Friends Cafe Night

Friends Café night

Friends cafe night

Friends Café night

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