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The Run - practice for Tough Mudder

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What's up everyone? Let's do this running bit again next week. We had a couple new faces and some pretty gnarly trails. Looking forward to that melting a bit (the trails, not the new faces...weirdo), but in the meantime: Let's get our run on!

Kerrytown Markets at 1pm on Sunday. Bring your grown up pants, because this isn't an easy course at all...unless you're Brian, or Josh...or Eric if he ever gets over that awesome case of bronchitis. We hit the trails at 1:10pm, so rock that free Sunday parking and join us asap!

Lunch afterward if you're interested...tho apparently it's not at No Thai!.

Link's Description:

This group is all about The Run. The Run is about 6.5 miles and has 14-18 bridges. Every time you cross a bridge, it's time for pushups! (or burpees, or standing push-ups, or some other upper-body exercise of your choice). Pick how many you can do. It can be 1, it can be 20 per's up to you. The goal is to set it to a number where you "barely won't be able to finish 17 reps without rest".

The Run is just the way everyone likes it: long and hard. As such, please do make sure to take time to stretch afterwards and take care of yourself. Six miles and hundreds of push-ups is no joke!

If you know the route feel free to charge ahead, but let's not get too spread out. If you're not sure where to turn, don't guess and get others lost. Wait for someone who knows the route, there are likely to be several regulars. Please don't let anyone fall off the back of the pack. If you are second from last, and don't hear footsteps behind you, slow down and wait. We'll likely have a leader, a middle runner and somebody bringing up the end of the pack.

This is the basic route, though there are a few variations/additions depending on how you feel at the end:

All skill levels are welcome. There are several turnoffs and alternate routes. Links will be posted. We meet at the Kerrytown Markets and Shops in Ann Arbor (for now) just inside the door to Sweetwaters Cafe at 1:00 every Sunday. After, we will likely head to some form of food place for restocking/refueling. We'll send invites to a FB event to everyone on this list each week.

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