Canceled Meetup

4s League Sand VB 4PM (and Doubles at 3PM, just 4 teams)


Weather Update[masked]: This poor league just can't catch a break. Because of the cold and possibly rainy weather today, we will delay the start of this league for two weeks. I'm sorry and disappointed, but what else can I do? I really hope to see you all then.

Final Update[masked]: Because limited (but excited) interest in the doubles league, we will play just 4 teams at 3PM, (Doubles players show up no later than 2:40 please) and the main 4s league will start at 4PM. As of right now, the weather looks great for Saturday, and it’s very important you show up on time with your money so you can form teams. Because everyone will probably show up at once, I’ll try to have 4 nets set up so no one is just standing around. Once there, you can attempt to form your own teams or I can randomly form teams for you.

This will be a successful league with your help. I can’t wait to see you Saturday!

Update[masked]: For the first time in my long and illustrious Meetup career, I had the police on my tail.

A friend of mine actually called me to let me know that the police were looking for me. Amazingly enough, I stayed remarkably calm. I simply called the phone number he game me and attempted to get to the bottom of the mess as soon as possible. It turns out that someone made up a story about me not letting them into a league for free, then informed U of M who, with the assistance of two police officers, attempted to track me down me as well as other rogue volleyball players. Stranger still, even though they knew the league was to begin on May 11th, they went looking for me yesterday, a week and a half earlier.

After a pleasant conversation with the woman responsible for protecting the unused volleyball courts of a multibillion dollar university, we basically reached a compromise that the courts could be used for pick-up games only during soccer games or other official events where an “official representative of the university” was present. As soon as they leave, so to must all volleyball players.

I have no idea how this will all work out in reality, and anyone who organizes volleyball at North Field is free to do as they please as far as I’m concerned, but they should be aware—and make their players aware—that they could possibly be kicked off the courts at any time. And yes, I did mention the exceedingly obvious point that there isn’t even a sign indicating the extremely private nature of the nice unused courts, which the woman conceded was a problem that would be rectified.

A little bit later the police called me and, because the officer had gotten a good report about me from the woman, politely informed me of what I was by then very aware of. Needless to say, I’ll never play on those courts again, and I have one more reason to believe that the U.S in an unfair, inefficient, disturbingly legalistic place.

Barring bad weather, I will be starting 3 volleyball leagues May 11th. You may sign up for 1, 2, or all 3 leagues. Please be sure to RSVP each league you wish to participate in so I have fairly accurate numbers and can plan accordingly. If you can’t attend the first day and if your desired league is not full, you may join the second week. Each subsequent league you register for will be $5 off the already super cheap cost if you sign up individually (teams are discounted). The doubles league is $20 per person, or $35 for a team, 4s is $15 per person or $50 for a team, and 6s is $10 per person or $50 for a team. If you were to sign up for all three individually, it would cost $20, then $10 ($15 - $5), then $5 ($10 - $5). First and second place teams in each league will win actual cash prizes. Each league must have enough players to form at least four full teams in order to run. You may play on the grass net I set up for you before and after your scheduled league games.

Like all leagues, games have rally scoring up to 25, play three games, all games count, 1hr time limit. Finding subs for absent teammates are your responsibility.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR RECORDING YOUR TEAM WINS ON THE OFFICIAL SCORE SHEET. Your team schedule will be posted on the AAAC calendar every week, it is your responsibility to check it.

4s League: Projected Time 4- ?PM

I expect this to be the most popular league because most people consider 4 to be the best overall team size for sand volleyball. It’s not nearly as strenuous or skill intensive as doubles, but more action packed than 6s. Anyone can feel free to join this league, but please be aware that basic rules will be enforced. Expect to bump, set, and hit. Hitting the net or “bad hands” (meaning carrying the ball or other improper hitting), or touching the net at all will result in the loss of the point. This is a co-ed league, so teams must have at least female player on the court. You may register a team of five or six, but only four can play at once.

This league will probably have between 8 and 12 teams, first come, first serve (pun intended). You can resister your team ahead of time by paying me though amazon at jimstange at gmail dot come, or paying me in person at one of the many events that I attend. Prizes will depend on total money taken in (numbers of team in the league), but winners should expect at least $30 per person (official team members only, not subs), and the second place team members should expect to get their money back.