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Rob and I have decided to lease a space so we could do whatever we wanted there, instead of renting time from a pre-existing dojo. Currently this is the weeks schedule: $5 1st class special or bring a friend and you get in free!

Bootcamp: Mon/Wed 3-4pm; Tue/Thur 6-7pm; Sat 1-2pm Childrens Ninjutsu: Mon/Wed 4-5pm Adult Ninjutsu: Mon/Wed 5-6:30pm; Tue/Thur 7-8:30pm; Fri 4-5pm; Sat 2-3:30 Conditioning: Mon/Wed 6:30-7:30; Tue/Thur 8:30-10pm Weapons and advanced training: Mon/Wed 7:30-10pm; Tue/Thur 10-?pm Special classes: Meditation: sun 12-1:30pm ($5); drop-in Yoga: sun 1:30-2:30pm Also if you are interested, we have capoeira, break dancing classes, cardio kick boxing, and mixed martial arts. Coming soon! Keep a look out for boxing, salsa dancing, ballroom dancing and reiki. Seminars: Sat 3:30-5:30pm ($25/pupil)

There is space and time slots open. Want to rent the space and teach tango? Salsa? Fantastic! Want to gather your friends and L.A.R.P.? great! Band need a place to practice? Super! At present the cost to rent the space is $50/hour, and that number is negotiable depending on how many days/time slots you want. The space is 50ft x 18ft. at the moment are as follows: drop-in are $15/class or $20 for 2 classes or $25 for unlimited classes per week. And the meetup recurs only once a week cause I didn't want to plaster dates/times all over and clutter the schedule, but the schedule above stands. So yes this is mine/Robs new project and we are very excited! Look for our FB page: The Health and Fitness Academy.

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