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December Adventure Challenge at an All-Inclusive Resort (Tropical Island)

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Let’s take the fun to a tropical island in December! Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we vacation at an all-inclusive resort at the Caribbean’s as a group? It would be 24/7 fun consisted all the meetup activities with only your imagination as the boundary! An all-inclusive resort typically provides unlimited alcoholic drink, unlimited fancy meals, beaches and the ocean, spa, Dance and Karaoke, a variety of land sports such as beach volleyball, tennis and golfing, and all you can think of water sports such as snorkeling, sailing, and kayaking. The island where the resort is located on also has attractions for day excursions to explore the local areas outside of the resort.
Please note: You will need a passport for this event.
Although the Meet and Greet is set at Dominick's in September, the actual event will be one week on a Tropical Island in December.

Here is how we will make it happen together! This event will be a three - stage process:
Stage 1: Gathering Interest (Define travel window + Group Size)
If you are interested for an all-inclusive vacation to a Caribbean island/Mexico:
A. Please fill out your vacation time availability (, and make sure to check all the days you might be available. The time period that is accommodating to all will be chosen to be booked. <------WE ARE NOW IN THIS STAGE
B. In early September, I will research for the best vacation package available for the chosen time frame, and provide the instruction of booking to the group. I will limit the price between $500 to $1000 for an all-inclusive resort that is 3 stars and/or above.

Stage 2: Book the vacation (Buy the vacation package + Meet & Greet)
A. Meet and Greet (1st meetup is scheduled at Dominick's): We will have a Meet and Greet event for mingling with all the people who are interested in this vacation. For people who will be attending solo, you could use this opportunity to secure your potential roommate. Tentative vacation spots will be provided to people to get feedback. All rates provided will be on a double-occupancy rate. You are of course welcome to book a room by yourself at a potentially higher rate.
B. Book the vacation: By mid-Sept, following confirmed information will be published and provided to the group: vacation package information such as the name and location of the resort, and flight information. Aside for updating the event info, I will also provide the instruction for booking, with an approximate time frame the deal will be good for. It is up to you to purchase the vacation package in time to have the group rate.
C. Please update your RSVP accordingly. New participants are welcome throughout the whole time till the day we leave for the resort. Just book the same resort for the same period the group is there for (rate might be different).

Stage 3: Travel and Have Fun (Vacation in December)
A. For people who can’t get a family member or friend to drop you off at the Airport, please arrange for carpool here so parking cost at the airport can be shared.
B. The vacation plan is to start off by occupying a huge section of the plane on the plane ride there, and then kick it off for a week at an all-inclusive resort: eat, drink, and play all we want on a tropical island! The bigger the group we have, the more fun it gets, and the more leverage we have over the travel companies to get a good deal on the money we pay for vacation package and local activities.

This event will take place rain or shine! Oh wait, it is going to be at a Tropical island, so it will be warm, sunny, and shining the whole time we are there during December!