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10 Insane Tips You Can Use Today to JS(ES6) Effectively; #8 Will Shock You!

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When the specification formerly known as ES6 (now ES2015) was ratified, we were all extremely excited. It had been 15 years since the last significant update to JavaScript, and the front-end world (as we knew it) changed. It has been over a year now and the excitement has ebbed, but our productivity is in flow. We’ve gotten past the novelty of the new features and learned how to use them effectively in everyday code.

These 10 insane tips will help you understand when and where to use these new features of JavaScript. We’ll touch on effective use cases of modules, destructuring, template strings, arrow functions, generators, and much more. Using real-world examples, you’ll see how to leverage the new language capabilities for maximum readability and expression. If you haven’t jumped into ES2015, we’ll discuss how to embrace the future while preserving browser compatibility. If you have used it, see how others are using it. We’ll also discuss some future features you can use today, if you feel like living dangerously!


Brian Genisio is a passionate software developer at Khan Academy, a Microsoft MVP, and an active member of the Michigan software community including co-organizing the SouthEast Michigan JavaScript Users’ Group ( He is also a contributor to Johnny-Five, the JavaScript-based robotics library, and organizes NodeBots events in his spare time. His current focus is directed to front-end (primarily JavaScript-based) development stacks. He loves to talk about making things; he can talk your ear off, just humor him. He enjoys cooking, cycling, and playing with his family.