Abhyasa Ashram

505 Hooper Dr NW · Fort Walton Beach, FL

How to find us

Off Mary Esther Blvd, immediately behind KFC, Chili's, Timesaver Tuneup, and Badcock Furniture

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Tonight is first Friday and we will discuss Yoga Sutras.

Friday evenings are open times to visit the ashram for community, fellowship, and satsang. For over ten years, Friday evening has been the most common time when people just stop by. Preparation for meditation is at 5:30. Silent meditation is at 6:00. From 6:30 onward, we can have conversation, food, and our program for the evening. Please feel free to bring a little food or snack to share with others. You do NOT have to prepare or have any particular level of knowledge or practice from any of the Friday gatherings. They should be fun and insightful for any level of practitioner

FIRST FRIDAY: For over ten years, first Friday gathering has been traditionally about the Yoga Sutras. Here are links to Yoga Sutras articles:

SECOND FRIDAY: Second Friday is a review of the Self-Awareness Assessment. One volunteer will review his or her Self-Awareness Assessment and all will discuss the principles. The volunteer for the day is free to share as much or as little to facilitate the discussion. Here is the outline of the Self-Awareness Assessment:
Please note that you do not need to know all of this information. The volunteer will be chosen ahead of time and will be familiar with the process.

THIRD FRIDAY: Third Friday is about Enneagram. We will review one Enneagram point each third Friday, and this will be based on one person who is in attendance. If you are not familiar with Enneagram you will find this site to be very thorough and insightful. You do NOT have to thoroughly know Enneagram to attend.

FOURTH FRIDAY: Four Friday we will show about 30 minutes of a Swami Rama video lecture and have open discussion based on that lecture. No preparation is necessary for this evening.

FIFTH FRIDAY: On months which have five Fridays, we will have open discussion, Q&A based on whomever comes for the evening.


In the tradition of the Himalayan masters, Yoga is seen as a process wherein we systematically deal with all levels of our being, such that body and breath practices are an integral part of, and are intended to lead to meditation. Therefore our schedule of daily practice times is designed so that you have time for Asanas/Postures, Relaxation, and Pranayama/Breath before and leading into meditation. Our/my approach to teaching is mostly one-to-one coaching on donation basis, rather than large fee-based classes as is the case with most gymnastic oriented modern physical yoga classes. Please let us/me know if you would like to schedule time for individualized coaching in any phase of the systematic meditation practices of our tradition of the Himalayan masters.

In loving service,

Swami Jnaneshvara ("Swami J")

DAILY MEDITATION SCHEDULE (Please check the Calendar (http://www.meetup.com/abhyasa-ashram/#calendar) for specific scheduled activities):

MEDITATION #1: 6:30-7:30am (daily)
..6:30-6:35am: Daily Mantras
..6:35-7:00am: Prep for Meditation (Hatha, Relaxation, Pranayama)
..7:00-7:30am: Meditation

MEDITATION #2: 11:30-12:00pm (except SUN)
..11:30-12:00pm: Prep for Meditation (Hatha, Relaxation, Pranayama)
..12:00-12:30pm: Meditation

MEDITATION #3: 5:30-6:30pm (daily)
..5:30-6:00pm: Prep for Meditation (Hatha, Relaxation, Pranayama)
..6:00-6:30pm: Meditation

MEDITATION #4: 9:00-9:30pm (daily)
..9:00-9:05pm: Daily Mantras
..9:05-9:10pm: Prep for Meditation (Brief Hatha, Relaxation, Pranayama)
..9:10-9:30pm: Meditation

The three time periods between the four meditations (mid-morning, afternoon, and evening) are for service work (karma yoga), individual coaching, group discussions at the ashram or online, videos, or personal time.


Many, most days we have a guided (recorded) practice at 9:00am:

SUNDAY: Rotates between four practices (see the calendar)
MONDAY: Sohum Sushumna Kriya
TUESDAY: Om Sushumna Kriya
THURSDAY: Sohum Sushumna Kriya
FRIDAY: Om Sushumna Kriya
SATURDAY: Yoga Nidra