Actually, we have great news. Meetup will be acquired by WeWork. We’re still Meetup – same mission, same leaders, same team. But together, Meetup and WeWork will use technology to create new and innovative ways of building community and we will be able to reach many more people around the globe.

Our shared dream is to create real-world, face-to-face gatherings that allow people to explore, learn, and build relationships, making real community available to everyone.

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Will Meetup still be Meetup?

Yes, we exist to bring people together IRL to create real community for everyone. That's as true now as ever. The Meetup apps and website continue — and our products & technologies will continue getting better & better. Our CEO/Cofounder Scott Heiferman is proud to continue leading Meetup, surrounded by the same team of nearly 200 Meetuppers. We're on a mission, and we're just getting started.

Why did Meetup and WeWork decide to join forces?

For years, organizers have told us how hard it is to find great spaces for their Meetups. WeWork has beautiful spaces and a commitment to use them to create community. Last year, we noticed way more Meetups scheduled at WeWork locations (to the tune of 100,000+ RSVPs in 2017). We got to talking, realized how we could unlock possibilities for each other, and one thing led to another…

What is WeWork?

WeWork provides space, community and services to members around the globe to help them connect, collaborate and do what they love.

Will anything change for Meetup members or organizers as a result of the acquisition?

The most honest answer we can give is that there are no plans for immediate changes. Of course Meetup will keep evolving, just as it has for the past 15 years.

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