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The law of attraction via Abraham Hicks kind of changed my life and I use the ideas and teachings as a significant tool in my life to create the exact life that I want both internally and externally. I love the philosophy and I can easily access it and be reminded of it through the workshop recordings that apply that philosophy to absolutely every possible aspect of one's life. And the basic concepts stay the same and evolve.

So being around other people who also follow Abraham Hicks would be a wonderful thing. We could spend an evening listening to a recording together or watch a life telecast. Or practice one of the exercises together so that we can use all of the amazing tools and ideas in our lives.

This is not a general law of attraction group. This group specifically uses and practices and discusses the tools in the recordings and books and teachings of Abraham Hicks.

This group is not aimed at "converting" anyone. Its more for those who are already turned on to Abraham Hicks and using the tools in their lives and would like that support of others to do that.

If you have never heard of Abraham Hicks please check out some you tube videos- there are gazillions- before you come to a meeting/event. And please be sure that its really your thing before you come. I want the people that are at a meeting to feel that sense of security that they are around and supported by like minded folks to be able to fully utilize the time together. It is not quite the space to "get into" abraham hicks. But its for those who are already there and want to use it more in their lives.

I'm very busy hosting other events and would LOVE others in the group to get involved and become co-organizers or hosts to make this happen. So please let me know if you would like to make an event happen. If needed I have a great space in waltham to use but please offer other ideas of spaces as well. Please let me know if you are interested. I'd love you to be very involved! :)

Looking forward to connecting!!!!!


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*SOLD OUT!* Law Of Attraction Workshop! BOSTON - Sun 26th June!!! Xxx

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