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• Our Spiritual meetings have been convening for over 11years and 243 people have participated! For many years, our meetings were devoted exclusively to the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creating. Over the past few years we have addressed many other spiritual philosophies, theories, and practices with an emphasis on present-centered, non-dual spiritual approaches. _______ Our Current Format ______ (1) Any spiritual-related topic is legitimate for discussion and, of course, LOA questions and comments are still honored. (2) A primary emphasis of all our meetings is the practical, day-to-day application of each spiritual approach. (3) Handouts, worksheets, and videos will be available for topics that arise during our meetings. In our meetings, an emphasis will be placed on "Presence" (being present) as a key element of psychological healing and spiritual awakening, and on the "Sacred Heart (love, acceptance & forgiveness)" as the vehicle for all transformation. We acknowledge that everybody really wants happiness, peace, and love and that these qualities are attainable for everyone. Our conversations may include any topics of interest to participants regarding psychological and spiritual functioning. Open-ended, informal conversations will often spontaneously emerge in response to individual interests and desires. No topics are out-of-bounds Objective: Our objective is to have fun while learning to effectively solve life's apparent problems, overcome life's everyday dramas, awaken to our True Self, and achieve deeper levels of peace, happiness, and joy. THIS IS AN OPEN MEETING AND NEW MEMBERS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO JOIN US ! There is no fee. Donations are welcomed. Please contact me with any questions, comments, and suggestions. Dr. Jim Strohl email: phone: 610-861-7580 Website:

UCC Church, "Church of the Manger"

1401 Greenview Dr · Bethlehem, PA

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    "YOU'VE SEEN THE SECRET, NOW LEARN HOW TO APPLY IT? The movie "The Secret" and the Abraham-Hicks lectures and publications have done an incredible job exposing us to the laws of deliberate creation. However, it is not enough to know the theories; we must also be able to apply them effectively. Refining and practicing the necessary skills makes a world of difference in the results we get! Also, it is much more fun, more rewarding, and easier to follow through on our intentions when we feel the support of friendly, like-minded individuals. This is an open group and everyone is invited. Dates: Monday evenings (every other week) Where: Bethlehem, PA Leader: Dr. Jim Strohl, psychologist, LOA teacher/coach

    Together we will:
    1. Add to our "deliberate creating" skill base
    2. Focus on LOA topics of group interest
    3. Respond to individual questions/needs
    4. Personalize the processes
    5. Increase our knowledge base
    6. Learn to align with inner being/soul
    7. Learn to decrease tension and resolve conflicts

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