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Tuning into the Vibration of Well Being/Meditation

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Good afternoon!! Happy Friday. What a beautiful day it is--Gloriously blue skies, moderate temperatures, the sun shining brilliantlly.....It feels to good to inhale the sweetness of the air--to breathe deeply-- to relax into the Well Being that is always present. I am filling in the grid of Life--I am an extension of Source focused into being here and now--a beloved object of attention. I am tuned into the frequency of being human--that is my grid filling in. I am focusing on that which I desire. Injoying the process and flowing it to the objects of my attention. I choose what I focus upon and allow it to be realized in my experience. I sift and sort through the expansive variety of this time space reality. So many choices--such abundance--such beautiful attention to detail in every aspect of this universe--so much to explore and experience. I am the creator of my reality--exploring through all that I have created. The essence of the thoughts, the emotions, the feelings, the embodiment of the physical as it is translated through the outer and inner senses. How magnificent is this? I create and experience it in every aspect of the creation itself. I love the physicalness of me here and now. I love how I am a translator--a perceiver and receiver-I can tune into the frequency of my Well Being that is always present. I love feeling this--the deliciousness of alignment--it is always there--it is the presence of LIFE unfolding here and NOW!!! I am IMAGEing me here and now. Create yourselves a JOYOUS NOW!! We will be tuning into more Abraham and one another--co-creation at its very best. Let's see how high we can fly as we expand our awareness and fly on the wings of conscious deliberate creation!!!