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The Art of Allowing Well Being/Meditation

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Good morning dearest Genius Leading Edge Creators--Another beautiful day in paradise. Yesterday's Abraham Livestream workshop was fantastic--the Feeling of it was delicious!!! It always feels so good to tune into the broader perspective of Self--the Inner Being that is always present and consciously aware right NOW. I LOVE knowing the eternal presence of LIFE in Me--I Love knowing and feeling the Well Being of me-- I love knowing that I am the Leading Edge of creation--the Manifestation of LIFE in this beautiful human being. I Love being this glorious creation and creator-- I love knowing that every aspect of LIFE is focused right here and now--I love exploring the depth and breadth of me which is always expanding into more--I love being a focuser of desire--I Love feeling good--I love knowing the eternal nature of LIFE itself and the important part I play in it!! The more I allow myself to relax into this Well Being the more fun and delightful LIFE becomes--the more LIFE reveals itself to me in ways that continue to surprise and delight me. The fairies of the Universe are here manifesting in the FUN & JOY that I create for myself in this moment and the next and the next--Orchestrating to perfection all that I desire to feel and be and do and have while I am focusing in this physical time and place. I love playing in the vibration of alignment--I love feeling good and it is my dominant intent to feel good moment by moment--to create and experience this good feeling now--to create and experience this good feeling now, now, now, now, now.......... I have the ability to think and feel and think and feel and think and feel. I am the thinker and feeler--the creator of the energy that reflects itself to me. There is no end to Creation--it is always expanding into more!! I love knowing that--I love tuning into LIFE!! INJOY!! Write some of your own Rampages and see how it feels--create yourself a wonderful NOW!!