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Aligning with Your Inner Being/Crystal Bowl Meditation

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Good morning dearest fellow genius cocreators,

I am extremely pleased to be here--aware and consciously participating in the Life as a human being on planet earth. What a great story I am creating. No matter what I am thinking or doing I am always perceving it from this creation of being human--yet I can attune myself to an aspect of me that exists that is more than this body and this construct. When I go within I am aware and conscious of myself as part of something much more expansive in nature--"consciouness". This consciouness has no limitations or boundaries and the more relaxed and allowing I become the deeper states of consciousness I experience. The body falls away and I am immersed in this expansive place until I am barely conscious at all. The feeling of it is delicious--it is not an empty space devoid of feeling or experience. Just vastly different from the outer world where everything comes clearly into focus. I know I am experiencing it here and now--that I am a part of it--that there is more to the nature of reality than this perception that I have of myself as a "human". I have come to realize that I am being human and that there is a part of me that is focusing that into being here and now. That I am both of these perspectives--the creator and the creation. There is such a sense of peace that comes in the knowing and experiencing of this. I know that everyone and everything in my experience is a part of this too--that all that is perceving itself is also the creator of it. What a brilliant idea--thoughts becoming things--all existing in the eternal nature of LIFE--Evolving and expanding into more and more and more--more what? More creation--more Life expereince!! SomeTHING from the ethers of NOthing!! Life IS all happening Now-Creator and Creation, Creation and Creator-- cocreation at its very best!!! The framework of all realities created for the sheer joy of Creating and the pleasure and fun of experiencing the expansive multifaceted nature of Creation. You know this by how it feels when you create something in your own life--the pleasure of moulding it into place and then expereincing the creation itself. Always ready for the next, and the next and the next..... From this eternal knowing comes the realization nothing ever goes wrong--that there is nothing we "need" to do--just enjoy the ride with all of the RESOURCES available to us!! Don't you love experiencing the nature of the reality you are creating!! See you Tuesday. INJOY!!

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