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Experiencing Well Being Now--Crystal Bowl Meditation

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Looks like Meetup is up and running again. Yahooooooo!! I love this website. I did learn a few things by not having it available though so it was pretty fun. We will be tuning into more Law of Attraction and just basking in the deliciousness of Life in the moment. Isn't that what it is all about--basking and delighting in the consciousness of that which we are focusing upon. It is nice to be consciously aware of life here on planet earth. There is such abundance and variety--so many species of infinite varieties cocreating here and now--the Infinite abundance of it all in its Infinite expressions out here on the Leading Edge--don't you just knowing that--realizing that it is all here now for the delightful enjoyment and experience of the realization of it. Each of us is a Unique perceiver and translator of the language of Life--The language of life speaks to us in so many ways and we get to fully enjoy and experience the focusing and translation of it-- AWESOME!!! What a plan--I for one am so glad I am here playing my part in this story of life on planet earth. I am so glad you are here too!! So much more FUN!! We are all so good at this!! Have a LOVEly day.