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By the time we come together for the show, I hope that we'll all have had an amazing afternoon with Tomoe at Fujiya. To keep in with the traditional theme of the night, we'll be watching a slew of action packed anime (as always) this time staged in the feudal era of Japan. Let's get right to the deets with some more plagiarism.

Episode 10 - His Name is Judar
Sinbad has joined the Fog Troop and takes Alibaba to the palace. Here Alibaba appeals for the welfare of the people, but King Ahbmad dismisses his words. With the arrival of the priest of the Kou Empire, Judar, events move towards disaster for Aladdin.

Episode 11 - A New Visitor
An unimaginable battle between Aladdin and Judar has begun. Aladdin counters Judar's magic spells with Ugo who starts to move independently of Aladdin's will and drives Judar into submission. Kogyoku Ren, a princess of the Kou Empire, joins the fray.

Sengoku Basara

Episode 1 - Blue Crimson! A Meeting of Fate
In the age of the Warring Countries, Japan was fragmented in semi-independent provinces, governed by feudal lords or daimyo, who confronted each other in an endless struggle for power. Ambitious daimyos from every corner of the Archipelago had shouted their battle cry. They were Takeda Shingen from Kai, Sanada Yukimura, Uesugi Kenshin from Echigo, Azai Nagamasa from Omi, Tokugawa Ieyasu from Mikawa, and many more...
Those were days of unrest and chaos. As war spread throughout the country, the map of power underwent rapid and dramatic changes.
In this never-ending conflict, one man finally seemed to be just one step from establishing total control over the country. He was the lord of Owari, the Sixth Heavenly Devil King. His name was Oda Nobunaga.
But now, a young general clad in azure makes his unexpected appearance in this confused scenario, heading a huge army of cavalrymen from the Northern provinces.
He is known as Date Masamune, the One-Eyed Dragon. And he is coming for Oda Nobunaga's head, and for ultimate supremacy!

Otogi Zoshi

Episode 1 - Raikou
(Since we didn't get to watch this one after the Asian Festival)
The year is 972 A.D. in Kyoto, the capital of ancient Japan. Kyoto is becoming a corrupt and run-down city; selfish samurai and onmyoji, who care only about gaining political power are everywhere. To make matters worse the city is suffering from famine and widespread disease. Unable to ignore the condition of the city any longer, the Imperial Court decides to send Minamoto no Raiko, a famous samurai well-known for his archery skills, to recover a legendary gem said to hold mysterious power to save the world. However Raiko also falls ill to disease. Instead his youngest sister, Hikaru, decides secretely to make the journey in his place. Hikaru meets many people, and has many adventures while on her trip for the legendary gem.

Hakuouki Reimeiroku

Episode 6 - Howling from the Darkness
The third season of Hakuoki continues as Reimeiroku is the prequel and tells the story of the dawning of the Shinsengumi. The Roshigumi has been tasked to test a new drug that has members split about the future of the group.

Samurai Champloo

Episode 1 - Tempestuous Temperaments
Mugen's a buck wild warrior - violent, thoughtless and womanizing. Jin is a vagrant ronin - mysterious, traditional, well-mannered and very strong as well. These two fiercely independent warriors can`t be any more different from one another, yet their paths cross when Fuu, a ditzy waitress, saves them from being executed when they are arrested after a violent swordfight. Fuu convinces the two vagrant young men to help her find a mysterious samurai "who smells of sunflowers." And their journey begins. This is a story about love, friendship and courage... NOT!


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    More of a maybe because my car is being unreliable -_-

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    Hakuouki is amazing. I've watched it and the second season. Good choice!

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