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Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like: viewers' choice. Does that mean you HAVE to bring your own anime. Not at all, we'll always have a selection of flawlessly brilliant shows (which most of you probably haven't seen) that we're anxious to reveal to you. However, we enjoy affording you the same opportunity to look like the coolest nerd in the room & show us some of your own brilliant collection too.

Oh, I know what you're thinking now "What if I know an amazing show, but I just don't have a way of bringing it?" Well, that's what this handy-dany 'comments' section down below is for. Tell us what you want to see (or what you want us to see), and we'll find it and play it for you!

Pretty cool right?... Unless you're one of those people who can never seem to think of what to say until it's absolutely too late. Lucky for you, there's no such thing as too late for us. You can just show up and tell us what you want to see. We'll STILL find it and put it on, right then and there.... you know... if it can actually be found.

So basically, it doesn't matter if you're a complete noob or a full blown otaku - you're going to enjoy yourself. Trust me, the anime is allllways going to be good; but the centerpiece of our every occasion is you. So show up, meet some folks, and have fun!

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