Achalasia Food Issues and Nutrition for those Living with Achalasia


Following on from our very successful meetings in the past few years, we are very fortunate to be able to set up a further meeting with Majid Hashemi, consultant upper GI surgeon.

We are very pleased tthat our guest speaker is dietician, Claire Donnelly. She will be answering your questions and giving tips and advice.

We aim to clarify the kinds of food that cause the most difficulty. We will be very much influenced by contributions that people make on the evening, but we would love to hear your answers to the following, even if you can't make this particular meeting :-
a) What food or drink causes you most trouble with achalasia and why?
b) What food and drink seems to be easiest with achalasia and why?
c) Any tips and information you may have that others might find helpful?

There should be plenty of opportunity to share experiences with other achalasians as well as asking the experts' questions Questions received in advance are especially welcome.

We also plan to tell you all the latest news about our newly registered charity, Achalasia Action.

The meeting will be held on the third floor of Brampton House at the St John and St Elizabeth Hospital, 60 Grove End Road, St John's Wood, London NW6 9NH, on Tuesday, 3rd March 2020 at 5pm.

We have limited space available at the venue, so please book promptly if you would like a place. We are inviting contributions of £5 per head to help with meeting costs.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the meeting, have answers to the questions or would like me to pass on any questions in advance to Majid Hashemi and/or Claire Donnelly.