Are you ready for college? Take the stress and fear out of college


College can be a very stressful or the most enjoyable time of your life. To become successful in anything, it requires preparation, and college is no different. If you do not have a successful plan entering into college, it will become very stressful. However, with a successful plan, college will become a very enjoyable and successful journey for you. In addition, one of the greatest benefits of going to college is personal growth if you are not stressing out. Every time you take a new class or learn something new, you will learn a lot about yourself to help you make better educational and career decisions along the way.

What you will learn:

A-Z to become successful and to enjoy college
Tips and tools to spot out your strengths, talents, and passion during college
Studying skills to absorb information faster
Stress management skills to be productive in college
Career planning techniques to develop a successful career
Tools to make a successful transition from different major or career
Tools to manage peer pressures and external influences

Workshop Activities:

Develop a career plan that fits your strengths and talents
Develop a balanced, stress-free lifestyle for college
Develop a successful studying plan (bring in your upcoming class schedule so you can develop a successful plan)

Walk-Away Benefits:

Feeling ready and confident to become successful in college
A clear path to college
Looking forward and excited to go to college
Feeling optimist about your future career and life

Positive Life Outcomes:

You will be able to enjoy their college experience more
You will be able to discover their strengths and talents
You will be able to study well
You will be able to develop a successful roadmap to a successful career
You will be able to keep their life in balanced
Your stress level will be minimized

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