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Sunrise Over Sacagawea (JAM Breakfast After?)

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Sunrise Over Sacagawea (JAM Breakfast After?)


This could be a spectacular morning! Yes, you are going to lose sleep, but it's a cool experience we will always remember.

Sunrise is at 7:31am with twilight a little after 7. We should be on top of Sacagawea by 7:10am at the latest. We will be hiking in the dark, with headlamps, so we'll probably be a little slower than normal. Let's say it takes us 90 minutes to get to the top.

We should leave the trailhead at 5:40am at the latest. Driving to the trailhead, in the dark, will take about 1:10 from Bozeman.

So here's my timeline:

Wake up 4:00am.
Leave Bozeman at 4:30am.
Arrive at Trailhead at 5:40am.
Summit Sacagawea at 7:10am.
Enjoy the sunrise at 7:30am.
(Eat huge breakfast and nap later!)

Either way, you're losing sleep so we may as well start early and enjoy the morning. We can hang out as long as we want and be back to Bozeman about two hours after leaving the summit. If we want to get a big breakfast at JAM (or IHOP or wherever!), we can.

This means hiking in the dark and cold so bring a headlamp and warm clothes as it may be windy at the top. Who knows? We may even see mountain goats up there as well.

Text 703-508-7908 with any questions.

Bozeman Hikers, Cross Country Skiers & Snowshoers Group
Bozeman Hikers, Cross Country Skiers & Snowshoers Group
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