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Hello. Sorry for the interruption. Female doglovers (no prejudice to you fabulous male doglovers as it's with my all women's group )come join my wingwomen(all female) group for a fun evening of bonding,good conversation&dog talk,potluck, creativity,making crafts,etc. I want to share a fabulous-different event with a twist than our usually fun happy hours-with an added potluck which my woman's group has done quite a few times-great bonding, etc. & an extra creativity/art opportunity.And I'm inviting you female doglovers for the first time,as unfortunately I hadn't thought of it before&I bring my dog who enjoys being with me&the others. But it's probably only great for doglovers who enjoy a ladies nite&even more so if their dog gets to come&relax&enjoy too.Having Bogie there rather than home alone without me makes the ladies nite even better for me!

What/Why:Here's an opportunity for a wonderful girls night out at which you have an opportunity to let your creative juices flow,meet some new great female doglovers &wingwoman or catch up with the same-great doglovers you know already,eat/drink (wine/liquor or other)-thus have a potluck/happy hour at the same time. We'll do some dog&chic talk as well as other good conversation,laughs, female bonding,intimacy,creativity, fun,delicious potluck,etc

Maybe you are looking for interesting holiday(any holiday or birthday gift or gift to yourself for home, etc.) gift ideas or maybe there's an inner Picasso just trying to get out,then you should join us at:

Where: All Fired Up Pottery Painted By U which is right in Cleveland park & right by the Cleveland park metro on the red line.

When/Time-Thurs,May 16th from 630-9 p.m.-but you can come any time that works for you within that time as know 630 pm is early for many--but I suggest you come as early as you can-so you can enjoy fully the special girls' night out-share great conversations,good dog talk,enjoy the delicious potluck,creativity,&have a wonderful time/make art pottery.

What to Bring for Potluck(probably dinner for most--due to time-) (Fired Up has nothing food or drink related for us- even plates,cups-so we need to bring all that):If you can,it'd be great if each of you bring a dish to share/&/drink-can bring wine-whatever--we also need utensils, dishes,cups,napkins (so not as exciting,but we do need some people to supply-actually I'll bring utensils, cups&napkins--but check so as not overlap-& we have some wine to drink(that's an added great addition- as usually can't bring your own wine- but have to pay a lot for one glass- even discounted--so please state what you're bringing&we need all of the above- so check what others bringing- you can state in your comments when you rsvp as I'll do or list in comments.And I'll bring dogtreats too&if you want bring food for u dog.

If Driving-Parking/Metro/Bus/Walk- there's parking all around there&free parking on Connecticut Ave starts at 630.Metroing-it's one block from the red line Cleveland Park Metro-, bus&walking are the easiest methods of getting there.

Here's how it worksYou:
Select your ready-to-paint pottery
Choose paint colors
Draw your own design or use stencils,stamps&idea books
Paint-take as much time as you need.
Leave your piece&you can pick up your masterpiece in 7days

Fired Up will:
Provide paint,brushes,stamps, stencils,sponges,idea books
Offer suggestions&assistance
Glaze&fire your piece when you're finished

The price of pottery ranges from $3.00-$60.00-&we get a special discount of 15% off the price.

-Why you shouldn't miss this special event/rsvp/-I can't wait for the fun girls' night out with a different flair/addition of being able to create art,have great conversations,interact with wonderful female doglovers& wingwoman,enjoy the fun of potluck/happy hour&get to bring your dog--what more can U ask for in an evening??!Do rsvp&we get a discount &can bring in food/wine&create& enjoy with your dog too.We hope to see you on May 16th.

Best Robbie Susan&Bogie

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