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Are you a survivor of loss open to embracing the possibilities of living "Happily EVEN After"?

Growth is often uncomfortable, confusing and hard to fathom after a devastating loss. We get it! That's why we need each other, to share in each other's trials, errors, triumphs, and transformations.

We ADJUST to build resilience, confidence, and momentum. We actively strive to thrive because we believe there is more in store for us when we can learn to be a little more willing to take small steps toward possibilities we want.

Together, let's find forward-looking strategies, and perspectives that help us design lifestyles that honor our past, enrich the present and welcome the future.

While all of us can absolutely create and experience JOY, CONNECTION, and a renewed sense of ADVENTURE... together is better.

In this proactive community, we will actively focus on answering the inevitable question of "what now" to build a solid foundation of our next-best life.

Visit http://www.adjustlifestyle.com/aboutus for more info about how.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the meetings are lead by a certified bereavement group facilitator, this is not a grief support group. This is a post-grief support community which focuses on re-engaging and designing your life after loss. Here are some resources to help you during the initial onset of grief, and as you regain your basic strength and stability. We highly recommend seeking care from grief support groups and mental health care professionals, as needed to process the variety of traumatic experiences of grief. (https://www.adjustlifestyle.com/not-yet)

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Woodside Presbyterian Church

Living "Happily EVEN After" (life after loss)

701 Carnegie Center Dr

Living "Happily EVEN After" (life after loss)

701 Carnegie Center Dr

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