• Big Data with Google Cloud Platform

    Work In Progress - 6th Street Workspace

    Google Cloud Platform is visiting #VegasTech (https://goo.gl/ZKrzT8) to demonstrate their unique Big Data technologies. Expect drinks, prizes, free stuff, and free service credits with Google Cloud Platform. Welcome and Kickoff Greg Wilson will do a 15-minute tour of Google Cloud Platform and highlight some of the differentiators with the competitors. Big Data Paul Newson will cover the various storage options available from Google including Google Cloud Storage, Cloud Datastore, Cloud SQL, Cloud Bigtable and BigQuery as well as considerations for each. From SQL to NoSQL; edge-cached web content to data archival using Nearline storage; for all data for all sizes. Paul currently focuses on helping developers harness the power of Google Cloud Platform to solve their big data problems. Previously, he was an engineer on Google Cloud Storage. Before joining Google, Paul founded a startup which was acquired by Microsoft, where he worked on DirectX, Xbox, Xbox Live, and Forza Motorsport, before spending time working on machine learning problems at Microsoft Research. You can follow Paul at @newsons_nybbles (https://goo.gl/0HqiR9) Big Query Felipe Hoffa will give an introduction to Google BigQuery and show how seemingly boring data can often contain amazing insights when analyzed with BigQuery. Felipe will demonstrate some recent examples using real-world data that will awe you. Felipe Hoffa is originally from Chile and joined Google as a Software Engineer in 2011. Since 2013 he's been a Developer Advocate on big data - to inspire developers around the world to leverage Google Cloud Platform tools to analyze and understand their data in ways they could never before. You can find him in several YouTube videos, blog posts, and conferences around the world. You can follow Felipe at @felipehoffa (https://goo.gl/LjmIkW) Meetup sponsored by Google (https://goo.gl/H3j2CQ) and Fortis Digital (http://goo.gl/DFUOMl).

  • TypeScript 1.0 with Ted Patrick

    Work In Progress 6th Street

  • Garth Braithwaite on CSS and TopCoat

    Work In Progress 6th Street

    Adobe XD Designer Garth Braithwaite will present on building beautiful, modern web sites using CSS and TopCoat (http://goo.gl/LRPsG). What's TopCoat? TopCoat is CSS for clean and fast web apps. It's web components that are high performance, themeable, open-source, and ready for use on desktops and mobile. Why TopCoat? • Web Developers: Learn advanced CSS techniques and how to build a CSS framework. • Mobile Developers: Learn how to use TopCoat in PhoneGap mobile projects. TopCoat is... • Soooo Fast! Performance is our #1 goal. Every component we design is benchmarked for performance. You can see our results. • Components Galore: We have the building blocks to get you up and running fast. Our growing set of components were born from CSS. • Themeable: Is that even a word? It should be! We love our theme, but we don’t want to hit your brand over the head with it. Just add colors and voila! • BEM Architecture: We believe CSS is ready for primetime. We are basing our architecture on BEM make your apps faster, less contextual and easier to manage. • More: topcoat.io (http://goo.gl/LRPsG) About Garth Braithwaite Garth Braithwaite is a Senior Experience Designer at Adobe XD. He is currently working on TopCoat, a high performance, open source set of CSS web components. He previously worked on Brackets, an open source code editor built by Adobe. Garth hosts a podcast called Nerd Radio (http://nerdradio.com); speaks at conferences like 360|Flex (http://www.360stack.com) and Adobe Max (http://max.adobe.com); and co-authored The Flex 4 Cookbook (http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596805623.do). Previous to working at Adobe, Garth was the Director of User Experience at Rain, where he worked on projects for clients like Skull Candy and Sony. Garth is also an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) and an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) for Flex, Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and InDesign.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud with Renaun Erickson

    /usr/lib Tech Library @ The Emergency Arts

    Renaun Erickson is back! Here to share what's new in Adobe Creative Cloud. Some highlights of the newest Adobe tools: Photoshop "Magic" All-new Smart Sharpen Camera shake reduction Intelligent Upsample Smart Object Filters Adobe Edge Tools Brackets now has JavaScript code hinting in addition to quick editing and live development. Brackets continues to be free, open source, and extensible. Built with the web, for the web! Adobe Edge Code is all the power of Brackets plus integration with Edge Fonts, Creative Cloud, and PhoneGap. Adobe Edge Reflow offers an intuitive user interface and a resizable design surface to help you create beautiful, responsive web designs. Sync TypeKit fonts to use in Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. Sync color with Kuler on iPhone and on the web. Publish to Behance for collaboration and sharing. About Renaun Erickson Renaun Erickson is a Creative Cloud Evangelist at Adobe Systems. Renaun has worked on many projects including casual games, mobile, and SIP/VoIP using ActionScript, HTML, Flex, and AIR. Renaun can be found at his blog http://renaun.com/blog and at twitter @renaun (https://twitter.com/renaun). When he's not programming, Renaun enjoys playing games, the outdoors, archeology, driving a Jeep, and spending time with his family. About Adobe Creative Cloud With Adobe Creative Cloud, you now have everything you need in one place to create, collaborate, and stay connected. All new-versions of your favorite Adobe creative desktop apps and services. Fonts, files, feedback, and projects always in sync. Instant access to new features and upgrades. Enhanced services for designing and publishing online portfolios, websites, iPad apps. And access to a global community for inspiration and feedback.

  • Evolution of Software Development Teams

    /usr/lib Tech Library @ The Emergency Arts

    As companies grow, development teams need to evolve along with the business. Pawel Szymczykowski will be joining us to talk about the growth and changes of development teams at Zappos over the past six years. The journey is epic, and you shouldn't miss it. Pawel is currently a Senior Developer at Zappos, and he is actively involved in the Vegas tech community. He has been heavily involved in many initiatives, including SYN Shop, Las Vegas Mini Makerfaire, and the founding of /usr/lib. Come early (7:00pm - 7:20pm) and have some free beer on Adobe! If 30 or more people attend, we will also have a software raffle for a free license for a JetBrains product of your choice (excluding Teamware). http://www.synshop.org http://www.workinprogress.lv/a/location/the-usrlib-workspace/ http://www.zappos.com

  • Sendgrid Presents: Docs for Developers

    Work In Progress 6th Street

    This event is being hosted by the Las Vegas Developers (http://www.meetup.com/Las-Vegas-Developers/events/109164422/) group. Sendgrid (http://sendgrid.com/)'s Developer Evangelist, Brandon West (http://blog.sendgrid.com/tag/brandon-west/), will present on documentation for developers: We'll look at the goals of documentation and how to achieve those goals; why developers need to be (and should want to be) involved the docs process; how we can apply things we know from software engineering to documentation; and a few common mistakes to avoid. After that we'll investigate how the platform you choose shapes your documentation, along with some recommendations. 6:30 PM mixer with food and beverages, courtesy of Sendgrid 7:00 PM presentation Work In Progress (https://www.workinprogress.lv/), the latest coworking space in downtown Las Vegas, is graciously hosting the event. Bring your laptop!

  • Dean Curtis on Collecting Metrics in Web Apps

    /usr/lib Tech Library @ The Emergency Arts

    A/B testing new features, understanding how people use your app, and tracking email campaigns, all require collecting and using metrics. Dean Curtis will be joining us this Wednesday to talk about some amazing tools for accomplishing just that. Some of the tools that will be covered include: Campaign Monitor Kissmetrics Olark Optimizely Dean Curtis is a co-founder and software developer at Fandeavor.com (http://www.fandeavor.com/). Fandeavor was recently funded by Vegas Tech Fund. They offer a wide range of “money can’t buy” experiences to everything from college sporting events to music festivals. Fandeavor provides inside access that’s never before been available to enthusiastic fans everywhere. http://www.fandeavor.com http://vegastechfund.com/portfolio/fandeavor

  • Jimmy Jacobson on Leveraging APIs and Platforms in Your Apps

    /usr/lib Tech Library @ The Emergency Arts

    When you build apps, you want to deliver the best possible experience to your users. Nowadays, APIs and platforms are a big part of delivering that result. Jimmy Jacobson, co-founder of Wedgies.com, and former API developer at Zappos, will be joining us to talk about leveraging APIs and platforms in your code. Arrive early for social/networking time (between 7:00 and 7:30), and have a free drink on Adobe!

  • Jimmy Jacobson: The Wedgies Story

    Grouchy John's Coffee Shop

    Jimmy Jacobson, co-founder of Wedgies.com, will be joining us to talk about the story behind Wedgies. Wedgies was recently funded by VegasTechFund, which allowed Jimmy to quit his job at Zappos, and work full-time on Wedgies. It took a lot of time and hard work to get to this point, and Jimmy has graciously agreed to share his story with us. What struggles did he and his business partner face? What decisions had to be made? What ingredients needed to be in place to make the magic happen? As if the evening couldn't get better, we will also be raffling off a free Creative Cloud license! Space will be limited, so please RSVP if you plan to attend. ************************************************************ This is part of Ayloo's Gather event. Be sure to check out other gatherings happening all around the city at https://www.facebook.com/events/291528800958775/