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This group is run by the owner of eMotion ( (

eMotion's mission is to develop happy, positive leaders.

We do this by building people's confidence and surrounding them with a supportive TEAM.

Dance has been our medium in which we've done this for many years, because dance is not just about being active. It's about a feeling. A moment where nothing else matters but you, the music, and the dance. It's about everything you've been through, everything you've seen, everything you've ever wanted to say, expressed through your body in a way that leaves you exhausted, vulnerable, and most of all, beautiful.

We look forward to continuing and growing the TEAM program and also offering more ways both online and offline to help as many people as we can with our mission.

When the world has more happy, positive leaders, it allows for a vision and a closer reality to a kinder, more loving, more respectful world.

We offer Adult, Teen, and Kids Hip Hop Dance TEAMs, dance classes and Outings/Events, and private lessons. Check out some of our videos here (!

If you have any questions, please email Keri at .

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