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Life is to short to do ordinary things... A life without adventure is a life not lived.
We are a licensed travel adventure company established in Ras Al Khaimah, operating in whole UAE and abroad, with a team of certified Mountain Leaders, Guides and Rock Climbing Instructors, prepared on wilderness first aid and rescue trainings.
Our mission is to safely help Adventurers to explore the outdoors, challenge themselves, their boundaries, their limits. Get out of comfort zones. We do this offering our clients a wide range of activities and events, in various sports, activities types and locations for all fitness
levels and conditions.

What are our values

  1. Special Destinations and events: We don't offer the usual travels and events that you can find on groupon. We want to do something special for you.

  2. We train Adventurers: Our goal is to take out the adventurer in each one of us and develop it. We don't do ordinary work but push the bounderies.

  3. The focus is the quality: We keep our events like friends circles. Small groups of likeminded people developing together.

  4. Safety as a priority: We will challenge your limits and put you in uncomfortable situations but always under the control and supervision of qualified staff members that are always there to guide you through the process, ready to assist in case of help.

  5. Logistical Excellence: In all our events and trips there is careful planning and situation management. We will always have a member of our staff or a team leader to manage the event and be ready to adopt to sudden circumstance changes and keep your confidence high

    Who can attend our events
    Our events are for everyone, and designed to take you from zero to hero. We all also been beginners and couch potatoes at some point and went though the whole process of getting out there, start challenging our comfort zones and become enthusiasts of the world and our possibilities. We will guide you through the same process at your own pace and your own direction.

    We hope to see you out there!

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