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CHINA Slideshow! Experience the Magic of the Tibetan Plateau & Yunnan

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Join us at Wallingford's Wide World Books & Maps store and experience the Magic of CHINA! ~ I'll take you on a journey through story-telling, breath-taking photographs and videos that will put you right in the heart of the Sacred Genyen Mountains in the Tibetan Plateau, leaping through alpine meadows and edelweiss flowers, laughing with the friendly monks at an 800 y/o Tibetan Monastery, smelling (okay, well almost smelling! :)) the local cuisines, and enjoying the sunset skies while strolling the cobble-stoned streets of the ancient, no-motorized-vehicles-anywhere mountain village of Nuodeng! :) Through our slideshow, you'll enjoy an evening of travel to another part of our beautiful Planet and experience the diversity and oneness of our humanity and dreams!

And China is so rich in the history, culinary delights, wisdom, generosity and mysticism embodied in these peoples and lands.

Those of you who would like to go to CHINA, both of us (Szu-ting ( and I, Karen ( lead Qigong & Wilderness trekking trips in Western China and are passionate about sharing these places. We're offering 2 Qigong & Wilderness Trekking Trips in Western China in Aug and Sept of 2014. We'd LOVE to take you with us! ♥

For info on our trips:

Trekking in the Majesty of the Tibetan Plateau, Aug 16 - 30, 2014 (



Discovering the Lost Horizon ~ Active Journey into the Heart of Yunnan - Sept 14 - 27, 2014 (

Szu-ting and I did a similar slideshow in January at OmCulture, and I'm offering this event for others who were unable to make it on 1/5.

Info on Szu-ting and Karen:

Szu-ting ( is a native of Taiwan and has lived in United States since 1998. She founded LittlePo Adventures based on her passion to promote cultural exchange via outdoor discovery. She is committed to connecting people from the east and the west with her understanding of both cultures and creates safe active journeys with her institutional outdoor education training and years of guiding experience. Read More… (

Karen ( is a cultural anthropologist, writer and international qigong instructor, and an avid explorer of our Wild Lands. She is a private student of ZY Qigong Grandmaster XuMingtang, has trained with him at Shaolin Monastery in China and traveled with him worldwide as his assistant. She is also a student of Dr. Zhao Fuxue, one of China’s 85 top-level certified Chinese Medicine doctors in medical massage and herbs, and serves as his interpreter when in the U.S. She also leads Qigong & Wilderness treks in Western China, and recently returned from another 7-month adventure and study in China. She is also the innovator of Qi Dancing, founder of a monthly family dance jam and enjoys leading Women's Ecstatic Dances. More information at ( and her blog: Being Joy: Adventures in Qigong and the Mystic Arts in China (

Synopsis of China trips....Active Journeys ~ True Connections

Two adventurous women ~ one a native from Taiwan, professional rock climber and author, and another an American anthropologist, writer and Qigong instructor ~ met and synthesized a dream that combines their shared love of the Wilderness, of China and Chinese culture and their love for active adventures that create lasting connections and inner transformations. They are a unique team. Both fluent in English and Chinese, they love facilitating people’s journeys to China. Szu-ting’s native Taiwanese roots and local contacts and Karen’s understanding and passion of China and it’s culture from an American perspective, give participants well-rounded, professional and impassioned guides with which to experience some of the most beautiful lands in Western China. Participants also connect with the generous hearts and lives of many local Chinese, Tibetans and other indigenous peoples throughout the trekking trips. Both trips are active journeys. One offers hiking, backpacking, and qigong in the Tibetan Plateau, and the other offers hiking, biking and qigong through spectacular lakes, mountains and remote villages of Yunnan Province. Both trips include unique cultural immersion with local peoples, events and flavorful cuisines.

Here's a short video on practicing Qigong in the Tibetan Plateau :)