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Weekend Escape - Solstice Weekend

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Friends of mine have a second home south of Cashmere, WA that is bounded on three sides by public lands, much of which is protected & roadless. Cashmere is about 10 miles east of Leaven worth. I’ve been out there a dozen times and scheduled several SOA meetups in recent years, and they've worked out great.

The travel plan is to head out on Friday evening and return Sunday afternoon. We'll coordinate travel and food a few days in advance. For these reasons, it's important that your RSVP status stay updated with your plans. Unlike a day trip, it is quite difficult for others to fill your spot, should you cancel just a few days prior. I will probably email everyone early next week asking for a confirmation and have set the RSVP limit to allow a little wiggle room in our planning.


Why go:

No phone, no TV, no cell, 2 radio stations, one clock. Just the birds, the creek, and crazy Bob's dogs barking occasionally. You get there, you park and don't touch your car 'till you leave. You just have fun, socialize, or do your own thing when you like.


It’s the last house on the ‘road’, which is really a logging road.,-120.50981&z=16&t=T It’s the little black box near the red 6.

To Do:

Since the property is surrounded by public lands, outdoor activities include just about whatever you like to do outdoors. Show shoeing, sledding and skiing are popular winter choices. There’s some serious sledding that I can’t recommend enough (~900 vert ft). If you’re intrigued by deer tracks, you’ll definitely have fun though want to watch out for cougars and the occasional deer carcass. There’s always hours and hours of hiking, too.


Outdoor hot tub, shower, big kitchen & dining table, wood stove, and four full size beds; floor space for plenty more. The space doesn't start feeling full until 6 or 8 people. Water supply is from a well that doesn’t taste the best—bring drinking water.

House Rules:

Have fun. Everyone signs the guest book to capture our/your story. We each contribute $25 to support the cause of a sweet mountain getaway (taxes, mortgage, utilities, repairs, the usual). Shoes off indoors. No discharging of firearms on the premises. Clean up before leaving. Dogs are welcome, though let us know just in case someone else needs to know in advance. I'll be bringing a female golden'ish.