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Walk In Complete Silence And Feel Renewed

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Not to long ago, I had the pleasure of walking on this peaceful trail along the creek. There I got the idea to share the power of silence in nature. Would you like to join me in a 2.5 mile long (roundtrip) walk in nature, in total silence? The walk took about 1hr and 15 min for 2 peoples. It may take a little longer with a larger group. Please allow time so you are not rushed and get the full experience.

Attended a "holotropic breathing" class. We all sat in a half-circle facing the instructor, who told us what we have to do. The most important one was to keep quiet and sit in silence....all the time.... While she was giving instructions on what to expect in the class, my inner urge kept me talking, albeit in a whisper. Then I heard my name and the following: "What part of "keep quiet" did you not understand?"... Whoops I was so busted. She called me out and was totally right. It took all my willpower, being embarrassed and wanting to hide was very helpful.... to keep quiet for several hours. Finally the class was over and to my total surprise I found myself NOT wanting to talk..AT ALL. Something happened and I was loving it. Though not familiar with this feeling, I thought something was wrong with me, when in fact, something totally awesome happened to me SHEER BLISS.

Keep in mind that it is not unusual, not wanting to talk, once you have started the silence.

But, since we are social people, we have the option to socialize afterwards, if you feel you would like to.

We will meet at the Red Town trailhead parkinglot. There I can answer any questions you might have.


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