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$5 SPECIAL - Team Fit Freedom Circuit

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AMAZING $5 SPECIAL - Freedom circuits gives you the freedom to have a fun workout at your own pace without the hassle of having to have an exact start or finish time, so your Sunday morning is still all yours.

HOW DOES THIS WORK??? The clock starts at 10am. The 1min or 30 sec work intervals then run constantly for the next 2 hours. You will move around pre arranged exercise stations with a wide variety of classic exercises like push ups and squats as well as some unique exercises that utilise body weight with equipment. The great thing is you choose how long you work out for. When you arrive write down your name with your time goals on the board. It could be any amount from 10 minutes if you're feeling tired, to staying the whole 2 hours if you're mad!! You could even train for 20 minutes, take a 20 minute break, then go for another round. Your instructor is qualified personal training and Wing Chun Teacher Duncan Zhou. He will be there to motivate and help you with form and technique, (and guide you through this new process).
Please note: these sessions will be outside - because we're Adventure Wellington, and we're hard as nails. THESE SESSIONS WILL GO AHEAD WHATEVER THE WEATHER.

This event will go ahead 8+ people only

Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather and don't forget to bring WATER!

Cost: DISCOUNTED $5,( usually $1)0 per session, however long you workout for (please bring cash)

Difficulty: 3/10 -9/10 depending on your madness.

If you no show or cancel after 7pm the night before this event you will have a 'no show' recorded against your name. No shows can lead to you having to leave the group. Please read our Group Rules here

Whilst every possible assistance will be offered, Adventure Wellington Trust, the Trustees, Event Organisers/hosts and members cannot be held responsible for any accident, injuries or losses sustained leading up to, during, or after an event.