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Welcome to circuit training / fitness sessions with Rowan (AW member and qualified fitness instructor).

I've decided that 13 is now a good number. If more than 13 people attend each of these events then the extra proceeds will be going to a charity (that you can choose by commenting below!). So get fit and help people out at the same time, it's a pretty good deal!

This class is set up to work with the Wednesday class, each one will alternate by focusing on upper or lower body movements each week, with the other class doing the opposite:

Week one: Tuesday = upper body, Wednesday= lower body

Week two: Tuesday = lower body, Wednesday= upper body

Week three: Tuesday = upper body, Wednesday= lower body


Get fitter, get stronger, get on it the AW way!

What's involved: These sessions will be held outside at Waitangi Park, and along Wellington waterfront. Sessions will be 45mins of short bursts of exercises (45sec-2mins) and will include the old favourites, as well as some new ones, such as burpees, press ups, star jumps, squats. These exercises are usually broken up with some aerobic activity, such as running.

If you have 'bung' bits that mean running is an issue, Rowan can recommend alternative options. THESE SESSIONS WILL GO AHEAD WHATEVER THE WEATHER - because we're Adventure Wellington, and we're 'hard as nails'.

Where we meet: Waitangi Park - next to the toilets/kids play ground on the Oriental Parade side. Depending on the wind direction etc we might move to another bit of Waitangi Park and the waterfront - so make sure you turn up ready to start on time!

What to wear: Layers are a good idea - you might be cold when you start the sessions... but you're not going to be cold for long!!! And bring a bottle of water!

Cost: $10 per session (please bring cash)

Difficulty level

2/10 to 7/10 depending on how hard you go!!!!!

NO SHOW POLICY If you no show or cancel after 7pm the night before this event you will have a 'no show' recorded against your name. No shows can lead to you having to leave the group. Please read our Group Rules here. (

DISCLAIMER Whilst every possible assistance will be offered, Adventure Wellington Trust, the Trustees, Event Organisers/hosts and members cannot be held responsible for any accident, injuries or losses sustained leading up to, during, or after an event.