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Interval Training is the most simple and effective way to get fitter, stronger and lose weight. It’s much more fun than plodding along at one pace too.

Many independent studies since the 80’s have confirmed that interval training can have a much higher return on effort. If your goal is improved, cardio, heart health, strength or simply to slim down a size or two , intervals are the most efficient type of exercise to reach your goals. Studies in Canada showed that a ratio of 4 minutes low to moderate exercise with 30 seconds or high intensity for 26 minutes produced better results for weight loss and increased VO2max. In Japan the TABATA protocol increased the VO2max of elite athletes by 28% in just two weeks.

Why Intervals are great The BASIC SCIENCE (please skip if you don’t care!!)

Interval training is well known for burning a huge amount of kilojoules while participating in exercise but the exciting part is that, unlike steady state cardio which stop being effective as soon as you end your session, it also has you burning kilojoules for 16-24 hours after you have stopped exercise. This is due to a phenomenon called EPOC or Excess Post Oxygen Consumption. Also known as “afterburn” EPOC is the state the body is in while it goes from a state of work to a state of rest. As the body recovers from the intensity of the workout, oxygen is used to restore ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) that is responsible for muscle contractions. EPOC is also associated with a breakdown of fatty acids and increased metabolism.

What to Expect:

There are loads of ways to do interval training. Qualified personal trainer and Martial Arts Teacher ---> Wing Tsun Academy ( for more info, Duncan will create sessions that focus on a combination of cardio, strength and weight loss while constantly mixing up the workout plans so that the sessions are always fun.
Expect short to moderate bursts of maximum effort for 20 seconds to 1 minutes followed by breaks or low intensity ranging from 10 seconds to 4 minutes.
Intervals will be done with body weight exercises lie; high knees, mountain climbers, sprints, jogging, push ups, squats and lunges or use free weight equipment like medicine balls, strength bags, wall balls and kettle bells.

Cost: $10 (cash) Level of Difficulty: 3-8

Anyone with a clean bill of health can do intervals if you are new to exercise or this style of training your work pace will be low to moderate as you build your endurance and form. Duncan will help you learn new techniques and make sure you are safe. If you are looking to push yourself to the next level train at low to high or moderate to high intensity and expect to be gasping for breath, have burning muscles and the sweet ache of a successful
workout the next day.

What to wear: Your preferred workout gear. Also good to have a warm layer to put on when you stop moving. A towel if you like. Bring a water bottle.

Whilst every possible assistance will be offered, Adventure Wellington Trust, the Trustees, Event Organisers/hosts and members cannot be held responsible for any accident, injuries or losses sustained leading up to, during, or after an event.

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