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What we’re about

πŸ‘‹  The Denver African Culture community exists to bring together those who identify with Africa and its culture, Africans born outside of Africa, African who immigrated to the U.S at some point in their lives from other countries, multi-generation African-Americans as well as anyone simply interested in learning more about Africa, its culture and its people. We are an open and inclusive group and welcome people from all creeds and backgrounds. 

Our goal is to connect Africans living in Colorado while sharing Africa's rich and diverse culture and bringing a sense of community, support, warmth and belonging that Africa is known for through various activities. Our activities include but are not limited to:

β€’ Cultural events
β€’ Outdoors activities (Hiking, Biking, Backpacking, Camping)
β€’ Food outings
β€’ Social activities (Coffee hangouts, Movie nights, Documentary nights)
β€’ Networking
β€’ Entrepreneurial events
β€’ Volunteering  events
β€’ Group Traveling (To African Countries)

Through various activities and events, we promote a better understanding of African culture and history, learn teach, educate and uplift each other.

Although the theme the community is primarily centered around African culture, we also discuss and engage in other topics of interest such as history, politics, philosophy, religion, art, business, travel, immigration and more.

Our discussions are usually constructive and the aim is to always learn something in the process. We always welcome suggestions and feedback on improving the collective experience.

We hope you will get a great value out of this community 😎