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3 Networking WhatsApp Group for sport AfterWork

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3 Networking WhatsApp Group for sport AfterWork


---- Intro ---
This After Work Meetup group is a community of young professionals based in Hong Kong. Join us on a fun journey as we explore new restaurants and bars, including game watching, drinks, meals, games, outing, chilling, culture exchanging. Above all, we welcome member that appreciates healthy living. So if you are looking to meet new people and explore new adventures and venues in HK, come to join us!

---- WhatsApp group ---
If you are interested in meeting new people in town, we would love to join us. Over the past months, we have had numerous events that generated big WhatsApp groups. By clicking RSVP, you will see the field to provide your WhatsApp number. One of the admin will then contact you and send you the info for the next event. (give us some time)

---- Privacy ---
Do not disclose your contact number in this post comment. We will delete your comment/info as soon as we see it to protect your privacy.

---- Rules ---
The admin teams remain the right to select who will be added to the group. (No clear profile picture hidden behind sunglasses, hidden behind masks, drawing, Angry/aggressive faces, and "Event Organisers" will not be added to the group.)

---- This post is not an event ---
If you are asking where the location is or why your number is still not added, it means that you are not reading the post detail correctly :)

---- Partnership ---
If you'd like to create partnerships or have products to promote, do not hesitate to private message the group organizers.

AfterWork sport
AfterWork sport
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