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This Meetup group is an exciting community of young professionals based in Hong Kong. Join us on a fun journey as we explore new restaurants and bars which includes game watching, drinks, meal, games, outing, chilling, culture exchanging, and so on. Above all, we welcome member that appreciate healthy living. So if you are looking to meet new people and to explore new adventures and venues in HK, come to join us!

The precise location, table number might vary due to the possible sudden change in RSVP. The exact meeting information will be provided upon WhatsApp request.

We will tag "No-show" attendees if you do not let us know (in any way) that you finally do not attend an event. We might use your "Attendance stats" to accept or reject your future attendances. Your "Attendance stats" is visible at the bottom of your meetup profile page.

RSVP rules.

To Limit the number of No-show, If you RSVP for the first time in this group. I will require you to WhatsApp me when you are RSVP-ing. Please click on RSVP only when you are sure to join.

You will be removed from the group if you have...
- Three late cancelations in a row, (within 6 hours of the event) or,
- Two no-shows with notification after the event or,
- One no-show without notification

Sorry I have to do this to reduce the no-show rate and provide a better experience for those who join the events properly

Get ready to socialize and have fun while connecting with other professionals.


To participate in this event or to get more info, contact me (Francis) :

- Whatsapp 51320936.

- Direct Whatsapp contact link: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=85251320936&text=Hi %20Francis,%20My%20name%20is

See you soon

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