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London Agile Evangelist 16

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Agile Evangelist #16

Marton Mészáros – Camelot: Agile Testing and It's Evolution

The evolving role of an Agile Tester over the last 5 years and its future transition into engineering.

Started off as a script-kiddie, but was driven by the thought that there is always a better way. Before amazon was an option in Hungary, he used underground ways to access knowledge. Got into TDD around 2005 and slowly discovered the different aspects of the Agile mindset. Loves testability, decoupled code, perfectly formulated requirements and geek joy.

Kevin Ryan – BBC: Roadmaps: Agility at Scale

Setting the horizon for agile teams beyond the next iteration.

Kevin has more than fourteen years commercial experience in the design and development of enterprise scale software applications. He is the author of both the Dynamic Range and Limited Days estimation techniques and is principal contributor to the IT Kanban Framework. He works with companies to support their transition to lean and agile methods from team to enterprise scale.

We look forward to seeing you all next week!!