What we're about

The Agile @ Industry & Technology focusses on implementing agility and overcoming its hurdles in the area where hardware and software come together. Examples of business areas of interest are smart appliances, medical, lighting, computer hardware, factory automation, logistics, telecom, automotive etc.

In this Meetup we want to create a platform where we do an exchange of knowledge, co-creating ideas for challenges we are facing within this area and meet each other, of course all with an agile viewpoint.

We welcome everyone who is working in the mentioned business areas and is actively working to get agility in these areas at higher level. The group of people joining this meetup will decide on the most valuable things for the group to work on, including its formats.

Initial setup is online.

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The Challenge

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Fishbowl: does software really meet hardware?

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Open Space Summer Meetup

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Where HW and SW meet each other

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