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Agile London with Capgemini

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Agile London with Capgemini


Hi All,

Delighted to share the details of an up-coming event, this time with Capgemini, on Wednesday 19th July at 5.30pm!

Agility - will your organisation ever get the change it wants?

Is Agile dead? Lots of people claim so, and say that the processes you use are the problem - and they could be right. These talks will look at why your business processes matter as much as the methodologies you follow, and how applying common frameworks incorrectly may actually be causing you to lose agility.


Edward Mason - Enterprise Agile Coach & Delivery Specialist

You probably don't know the right Agile framework to use in your company, because none of them are a one size fits all approach to enabling agility. This talk will help you understanding your organisations unique situation, which will determine the different processes you will want to consider.

Elliot Berg - Cloud & DevOps Lead at Capgemini

We’ve all read the articles or listened to a presentation on “DevOps vs Agile” – in this talk we’ll explain why this is the wrong question to be asking, help you to understand the true relationship between organisational agility and leveraging DevOps as an enabler, and why focusing cultural change in your technology teams risks undermining your business goals.

Looking forward to this one, hope to see you there!


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Agile London
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