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PMI-ACP Prep 16: Leadership II - Wed 5:45pm Pacific 8:45pm Eastern Online

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Join us for our PMI-ACP(sm) Exam prep series. We will meet online You can use phone or voice over IP or text chat. From there we will head over to Sococo Sococo - Agile Leader Hall 1 Please note the timezone - 5:45 pm Pacific, 8:45pm Eastern, Next day in Asia. Slides and notes for class are organized in google docs ( folders. Contact Bill for help with access. PDF can be found in our meetup files section ( Last Time

In our last session we talked about Lean and retrospectives.

This included PD3 - Boosting Team Performance Practices, PD5 Problem Detection & Resolution, PD6 Continuos Improvement, PT10 Value stream analysis, PK Applying new Agile practices, IC2 Individuals & Interactions.

This Time

Part two of our leadership module features Teamwork, and Large Scaled Agile

Topics covered: PD6 Continuous Improvement, PT1 Communications, PK Code of ethics, PK compliance, PK Globalization, PT6 Soft skills negotiation, Large Scale Agile

(You earn 3 PDUs for both session combined)

Our final event in the series will be Graduation and wrap up on August 14th. All are welcome! We're in the home stretch now!


1st 10 mins - Warm up - Summary of learning so far 60 minutes - cover material for this unit - Lection & Lab Last 5 minutes - Closing - Plans for next few weeks Checkout our schedule of 16 sessions on our Syllabus ( If you miss one but still need the credit hours you can attend Agile Witness News (tm) episodes for makeup hours.

Reminder - If you are a PMP or PMI-ACP and need PDUs please claim our hours in CCRS.

General Info

Sessions will cover: all 6 Domains covered by the PMI-ACP(sm) Exam with sections such as

Mindset, Stakeholder Involvement, Value-Drive Adaptive Planning, Quality, and Continuous Improvement

When you are done you will

Know how to do project management better in your job Have hours you need to apply for your PMI-ACP(sm) exam 'Class B' PDUs to maintain your PMP or PMI-ACP
'Class C' SEUs to apply up to 15 hours out of 60 to your CSP
Follow the ICAgile professional syllabus Experience with tools for distributed teams
See our Syllabus for how to claim your PDUs.

We will also remind each other to fill out any forms needed for our applications. Finally, we will produce some offline material for our colleagues who cannot make it to the live session.

The price is free, but we take modest donations 3 times a year. We welcome sponsorship for $48 USD per month.

Roles in the Study group include :

Learner - engaged, does homework, seeks credits or certifications Mentor - A volunteer teacher who may have Agile skills and wants to practice helping others Facilitator - A guide that helps facilitate the meeting and venue technology Admin - Someone who organizes the program and arch of the classes (Bill) Observer - Someone who simply wants to watch quietly - which is fine! Experts and Novices are all welcome. See ya online!


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