• Think Scrappy to Achieve Big Results in Big Organizations
    Join us for a talk by Ben van Glabbeek, VP, Bank Solutions & Agile Transformation at Fiserv. Talk description: We are bombarded with the promises of Agile frameworks but each falls short of our expectations. Afterward, we’re left with a confused team, tools that are not being used and a partially implemented framework that doesn’t live up to the hype. Fortunately, there is another way, and you can achieve the outcomes you want without a heavy framework. Ben will share his journey, changing a large Financial Services company to embrace an Agile mindset with a few lightweight tools. Whether you are in a big or small organization, Ben will help you sift through the agile landscape and focus on what is important. About Ben: Ben van Glabbeek loves to build things, solve complex problems and work with passionate people. As a kid, he focused on building massive LEGO models to escape the brutal summer heat of Oklahoma. That was replaced with writing software, building websites and learning as much as possible about computers. After years of working as an engineer, he shifted his focus to building high performing teams using the lessons of agility. His quest to improve teams has taken him on adventures in the Twin Cities of Minnesota to most recently the Atlanta metro. Currently, he’s having a blast modernizing the mindset at a large, distributed, complex organization called Fiserv. Light dinner will be served, provided by our host Fiserv. You can also join us remotely at https://zoom.us/j/2445356518.


    1345 Old Cheney Road · Lincoln, ne